Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Rings

I got my wedding ring rhodium plated last month, and apparently, I am now allergic to it.  Because of this, I've only been wearing it a couple of times a week, otherwise I get a rash from the (apparent) nickel in it.

Today I went to Jenny Lake with my mother- and father-in-law, sister-in-law, and two nephews.  We all got to ride across the lake for free since 1. I work for the sister company to Jenny Lake Boating and 2. my friend Kendra was working the dock.  My friend Greg was on the boat that took us back to the docks, and I harassed my friend Cody while passengers were loading on his boat.  Kendra and Cody came over tonight and Cody told me, "You need to wear your wedding ring.  You had two guys who asked about you."

Ohhhhh really?  Well that makes me feel a little good about myself, until...

"But they look at anything that moves, even if she's 300 lbs and has a unibrow."

Annnnnnnnd that slightly-awkward-but-slightly-nice compliment crashes to the ground.

At least I'm not 300 lbs with a unibrow.

Kendra suggested I check to see if one of the jewelers in the area could buff the rhodium plating off the inside of the ring, and possibly cover it with something else.  I think I'll take her suggestion, it's a good one!
And I miss my pretty sapphire engagement ring - I can still wear my wedding band because it's platinum, but it's also really thin and apparently, not noticed by horny boat guys. 

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