Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thrifty, you say....

I have been an avid fan of thrift stores since I was 10 years old.  I particularly remember one experience when I was 11; we were in Canada visiting family/friends and spending time on the river.  My mom and "Aunt" Dorothy took me to a thrift store I had spotted a couple of day before.  I found a fedora with a spotted feather, and a Cranberries tape.

It was heaven.

I wore that fedora proudly and listened to the Cranberries and sang along.  Thrift stores were magic.

While living in Humboldt County, I became less and less of a thrift store girl, mostly because the thrift stores there were GROSS.  Most took anything, including clothes that wreaked of weed and filth, or were stained.  NASTY.  That's not to say I didn't find anything... but anything good I could find was few and far between.

There was one consignment store that I loved, The Clothing Closet.  I found a pair of JCrew sandals for $5, a JCrew tank for $6 (I love JCrew but cannot bring myself to pay that much for clothing), as well as some other really cute things.  But when I knew I was coming back to Jackson, I got very excited for the thrift stores.

There was one store I loved back in 2006 named Orville's.  I frequented the shop quite a lot, not necessarily because they had GREAT stuff, but because the cashiers were really cool about pricing.  Everything had a specific price, yes, but if they recognized you, they'd look at a pile of 7 items of clothing and say "Does 10 sound fair?"

Why yes, yes it does.

Unfortunately, Orville's is CLOSED.  It's very, very sad, but I can understand why with their pricing strategies.

Today I visited "Second Helpings" on Pearl, and came away with a pair of these:

 Columbia brand convertible pants.  Not that sexy, true, but they are great for hiking and camping.  Plus, they're nice and light-weight, so they're good for packing when you're backpacking, or just for when it's hot out.  Like I said, not sexy, but very useful.  And at the thrift store they were only $10, which is not bad at all.  Plus, they were pretty much exactly what I was looking for, although they are higher-waisted that I prefer.

I also got this scarf:

I tried to take a picture of me wearing it, one of those "take a picture of yourself in the mirror" things but I couldn't get one that was both not-blurry and not-bitchy looking.  Man, I look bitchy in those pictures.  Bryan saw it and said, "Wow, that looks like one of those pictures on whythef* where the slutty mom is taking a picture of herself in her underwear while her hungry child is crawling on the floor in the background."

Yeah, it did kind of look like that.  So you get a picture of just the scarf.  The awesome $3 scarf.

Now if I could only find a $3 microwave for the office....  Ah well.  I will continue in my hunting.  :-)


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