Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our neighbor just knocked on our door and told us that our wireless signal is so powerful that it makes it so he can't borrow his friend's wireless signal across the street.  He asked that either get our wireless password and give us some money each month to use it (all while streaming video while we're trying to stream as well) or asked if we could turn off our wireless.  SERIOUSLY?  I get that you're a nice older man of some vague ethnic background who lives alone, but no, I'm not turning off the wireless signal that I use daily when we pay $40 a month for internet.  And I'm not going to have you use ours when we use the internet to look up bank accounts and for Netflix.  We told him we'd try to turn off our internet signal when we're out of the house, but dude needs to get his own internet, for real.

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