Friday, May 7, 2010

New Job!!

I love my new job.  I work as a receptionist at a scenic river float company in Jackson, Wyoming.  And I love my job.

My last job could be quite stressful, and I came home in tears way too often because of the stress and frustration.  This new job's biggest stresser so far is the possibility of being too bored. 


For instance, I'm on hour 10 of an 11 hour work day.  I answer the phones and do regular desk work stuff like answer and compose emails, fax, and make sure everything is running smoothly.  I had yesterday off, and Wednesday I worked another 11 hour day.  On Wednesday I had quite a few things to do, but today my to-do list is minimal.  I've talked quite a bit with my coworkers (which pretty much means at least an hour of hanging out) and I've had two cups of coffee.  It's a very good day. 

It's snowed almost every day since we've been here.  Today isn't exactly balmy but it's about 50 degrees out, sunny, and the birds are singing like they just can't stop.  It's gorgeous.  I am very happy indeed. 

Morgan, who's my boss but doesn't like being called so, told me that it will get boring during the summer, and that I am welcome to watch shows on Hulu, or to bring movies and books.  He told me that if he were in my position, he'd work outside for most of the summer, coming in only to recharge the computer as necessary.

I love my job.

And I love Jackson.  I miss my California friends a ton, and I miss Catalyst just as much.  The churches out here cannot hold a candle to what I love about Catalyst-- its intellectual teaching, its questioning of everything until you know why you believe it, its very unique feel and look and community.  There is one year-round homeless person here.  And apparently she is quite well fed and clothed.  It's definitely not Humboldt, where social justice has such a near and always-present application.  But it will do.

I love these mountains.  I love this town.  I eagerly look forward to Kendra and Cody's move here, as I will be able to spend time with Kendra.  I have a serious need for women friends in my life.  I work with mostly men, and so I will need my dose of estrogen.

My folks are hoping to visit come August, and it's possible my friend Lindsay Rose may visit as well, which would be awesome. 

I love the Teton County Library.  It's so great for such a small town!  Even better than I remembered.  So far I've borrowed season 1 of Battlestar Galactica (because I can never get enough!!!!), and the following books:

"Love is an Orientation:  Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community" by Andrew Marin

"Christ in a Grain of Sand: An Ecological Journey with the Spiritual Exercises" by Neil Vaney

There is another book too but of course I cannot remember it at the moment.  Nevertheless I am very excited to start reading, and very excited that I get to read out in the sunshine at work!  AND I am making $2.50 more an hour than I was making at my stressful medical office job!

Thanks God!  You are super nice.

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  1. I've heard Andrew Marin speak before at an LGBT conference I went to in Washington DC. He's got a lot of charisma, not to mention a great message. I'd love to get my hands on his book someday!