Monday, May 24, 2010


So this October Bryan and I are planning a Myrtle Beach trip with my folks and some friends.  It will be a week of golf (not for me), shopping, relaxing on the beach, and having fun.  Today Bryan mentioned the possibility of driving to Myrtle Beach...

And we came up with this amazing road trip map, complete with the people we will visit on said trip.  We're hoping to see it in reality!  The only way we'd be able to do this is if we found jobs in the Jackson for the winter season, which really doesn't start until the end of November, I guess.  We'd have all of October and most of November off. So it would work in we found winter jobs.  And if I don't mind living a whole winter covered in snow.

Guess I'll need a good pair of snow boots.

PS... as usual, you can click on the dinky picture to see a bigger picture that's actually clear.

PPS... took on a lot more responsibility at work recently, and got a RAISE!!!  Won't say how much, but it's a lot more than I expected.  I love this job.  I wish it was a year-round job.

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