Saturday, May 1, 2010


Bryan and I picked up a couch today from Browse and Buy, the local Episcopal church's thrift store!  Bryan thinks it's ugly but I actually like it.  We smelled it to make sure it wasn't too nasty, and then decided how much we'd spend on it.  "50 bucks at the most," Bry said and I agreed.

We walked into the store and asked the guy how much he'd take for it.  "Hmmmm, how about $15?"  "SOLD!!!"

Not bad eh??  I will take pictures of our apartment once it's finally done.  And you better believe I'll take pictures of our super-high-storage-area bed.


  1. the fence is to keep out the wild animals.

  2. Seriously, who wants moose on their new used couch?? Not this girl. :)