Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And we all float on okay....

It was a cooler day for a float trip, but my dear hubs Bryan and I went down the river with our friend Greg.  It was chilly at times, but mostly really fun, with a bit of "seriously 13 miles takes forever next time let's do 8 okay?!"

Can you spot the bad eagle in the third picture?  I took some other pictures, as we saw about 5 bald eagles all together today, but I'm not great at snapping pictures in time, and the zoom on my little point and shoot isn't great.

I don't work for the next two and a half days, and I'm super excited.  Tomorrow I'm going to do something outside, whether it's going for a run or climbing Snow King or High School Butte.  Need exercise, need outside.  It's going to be cloudy but that's okay.  Then, I'm on the hunt for a birthday present for my nephew (I'm thinking a stuffed moose) and then off to the thrift stores to find a super cheap microwave to use at work.


Oh, and in about 20 days my friend Lindsay Rose is coming to visit for a week, and my new friend Molly McNeil will be here and we will have girl time and it will be fabulous!!

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