Monday, April 5, 2010

Leaving California Part Three

Leaving California has left me anxious, tired, and emotionally drained.  I will miss everyone dearly.  I love my friends so much, and I love the ocean and the redwoods and the community.  I love local shops/goods/food, I love my church, and I love that this is where we started our married life together.

However, I am now in Idaho, and I am hoping that I get used to the idea.  It snowed today, which is LAME.  But it is very nice to be around family.  Yesterday we saw a LOT of family for Easter, and that was really nice.  Becca and the kids, Mason and Tyson, are living with Bryan's folks until June, when Jon finishes his residency program.

Yesterday I got to see Stuart and Nicole, and my new little niece Ella Marie!!  She is so so so sweet, and I just love cuddling her.  She's absolutely darling.

Posting will be slow until the internet is back up at my in-laws.  They had someone hack their system recently and are getting a new connection soon, hopefully.  I'm at our friends' house right now using their commuter.

I don't think it's totally sunk in that we don't live in Humboldt anymore.  In the back of my mind I keep thinking "well, it's snowing now, but when we go back it'll be beautiful and green again...."  I miss Humboldt already, but I know that we couldn't survive there.  It's nice to be closer to family as well.  I do miss my friends though, and the ocean, and the greenery.

I went on a run this morning and could only run for 10 minutes straight because of the elevation!  It was INTENSE!

As this isn't my computer, I don't have a lot of pictures, but here is one of Bryan.  This is at a REST STOP!  Prettiest rest stop ever.

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  1. Moving is so tough! Its going to be hard for us when we move too so I feel the emotional anxious meltdown coming on! I hope you find rest and comfort in your new home and that you embrace this change