Friday, April 30, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day...

Just not in Idaho.  We're supposed to move to Jackon, Wyoming today.  If the apartment guy calls me back and says it's okay.  However, it's apparently snowing.


I hate driving in the snow.  I especially hate driving all of our worldly possessions in the snow.  I think my tires suck and I always skid about.  Not fun.  But, we need to move.  We start work with the river float company on Monday, so we need the weekend to really work on moving into our apartment.  Sunday is my cute little niece, Ella Marie's, blessing.  It's in Idaho so we'll have to drive about an hour and a half back.  I'm really hoping we are able to go but a lot depends on the weather and the state of our apartment. 

So while I wait for the apartment guy to call me back, I have been looking at our Chicago pictures, and remembering sunny days with family.

Okay, it was actually starting to drizzle in this picture, but whatevs.  And I just realized you can see Docker's (our dog) head sniffing Stacey's leg!  Funny :)

Bryan and I at a bird sanctuary with my folks.  We got to bird watch and saw some really beautiful red winged black birds.  I'm wearing Bryan's shirt because I got really cold.  What a gent, I tell ya.

And here's a shot of the red winged black bird through my dad's scope!

Wishing for warmer days....  hope it's nice where you're at!

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