Tuesday, April 27, 2010


If you ever have a chance to visit Chicago, I recommend Chinatown.  They have so many fun little grocery stores, and you can get some beautiful pottery/tea sets, as well as fun things like Asian candy, pretty smelling soaps, and novelty swords.  You can find inexpensive yet delicious tea, dried octopus, live crab and snakes (SCARY!!), and candy with hilarious and seemingly random words on it.

And here is Chinatown with the Sears Tower in the background:


  1. You know... I have never actually been to Chinatown. Incomprehensible, I know...

    Maybe next time I'm in the Midwest I'll do that. :)

  2. You should DEFINITELY go. A Brantner trip downtown almost ALWAYS ended up with a stop in Chinatown. So good.