Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well my dears, I have not been great at updating, but I didn't have computer access for a few days.  I am now, happily, in Chicago at my parents' house and have alllllll the computer access I could ever hope for here. 

Yesterday we got into town, had some yummy steak on the grill, and had a nice fire while sitting outside on the swing drinking Slurpees.  Classic Brantner family time.  Today my folks worked but my dad and I walked to the library to get a bit of exercise and pick out some movies, and my mom drove us back to the house.  Bryan and I then went to Monica and Sean's for din-din, and that was yummy and a lot of fun.

It's hot here!!  It got up to 83 today, which is crazy for April.  Bryan went on a 7 mile run and I did 1.5 miles and then saw my mom home on her lunch break, and hung out with her.  Good times.  :)

It's great to be back home.  On Saturday Bryan takes the bus to Detroit to hang out with Chris, Amanda, GK and Addy, and then drives down to Chicago with Amanda and GK and Addy while Chris goes to school for the week.  I can't wait to see my dear sis-in-law Amanda, and my amazing niece and nephew!  It will be great.  We're trying to figure out what to do while they are here.  I think we'll check out the Lincoln Park Zoo and maybe Millenium Park, and then we'll go to my family's cottage in Michigan for a couple of days.  I hope it's warm enough to go to the beach in our bathing suits, even if it's still a bit too chilly to swim in Lake Michigan.  I have so missed my family, it's great to see them! 

Two weird things happened today, though:  I got a migraine, which is just out of the blue.  I know my hormones are wacky this month with the move and stress, since I'm on day 39 of my cycle and still haven't had my period.  I ovulated really late too this month; I guess stress messed you up a bit!

The next weird thing is that I forgot, for a moment, that my grandfather died last year.  My mom showed me all the furniture she inherited from her parents recently and how they've been rearranging the house.  This wasn't too strange, as she received some things, as did I, after my grandmother died 7 years ago.  She mentioned that the new coffee table and side tables in the living room were from my grandfather's apartment, and I didn't think much of it at the time.  This morning, however, I was looking at then and thought, "So if she has his furniture, what is he using?"

And then I remembered he died almost a year ago.  I wasn't living in the midwest when it happened, and it was a slow process of getting older and more senile and then having cancer and not treating it and then passing away.  With my grandmother it was incredibly sudden, a stroke that killed her before she hit the ground.  With my grandmother, it was final.  I saw her body at the viewing, I watched her casket lowered into the ground.  With my grandfather, who was cremated, I went to the memorial service, but it was a few weeks after his death.  It was a very nice service, a wonderful tribute to his generous and loving spirit, but apparently not as final for me.  Death is only the beginning though, as they say.  Still, it was strange to realize I live in a world where my mother cannot call her parents on the phone anymore.

We go to the cottage later this week and I am hoping we'll get a chance to put flowers on my grandparents' grave, and maybe to view their house.  I want Amanda to see the place where I spent a lot of time as a child.  I want her to feel the love I felt, and the hard work that went into that house they built together.  I want her to feel how much I love Bethany Beach in Sawyer, Michigan.  I haven't been to the cottage since my honeymoon almost three years ago, and I am greatly looking forward to it, and to sharing it with another part of my family.

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