Sunday, April 11, 2010


For those of you who were following my C25K progress, you may have noticed that I stopped posting about it.  Well there are a couple of reasons that I've slowed in my progress
  • I was sick for almost two weeks and couldn't run then
  • It rained in Humboldt for a week straight and I wouldn't run in the rain
  • Bryan's folks came to Humboldt and we were out of the house all day
Now I'm in Idaho and I've run three or four times since we've been here visiting Bryan's family.  Let me tell you though, the elevation is KILLER.  I've been able to run a mile without too much struggle, but I'm still gasping for air.  Yesterday I did a mile and a half of interval training where I ran and walked.  I tried to sprint for a bit but THAT was pretty much laughable.  :-)  I'm hoping when we go to Chicago next week I'll be running at least every other day with the puppies.

On my last C25K run, I ran for 27 minutes, albeit slowly.  I hope to be back in that condition next week with the lower elevation in Chicago.  I know I'll have to get used to even HIGHER elevation in Jackson.

Here's the elevation differences:

Eureka, California: 44 feet
Pocatello, Idaho:  4,464 feet
Mt. Prospect, Illinois: 669 feet
Jackson, Wyoming:  6,237 feet

So.  Yeah.  That's a lot of elevation changes.  My poor lungs are beat!!

I do promise to get back to C25K and finish the program. I'll kick allll sorts of butt, promise.

Oh!  I also got new running shoes.  I couldn't find the Nike Free 5.0s anywhere, but I got these very cool Nike Dual Fusion shoes in a very pretty shade of blue.  They're very comfortable.  I got them in a size 6.5 but I'm returning them for a size 7.  I recommend them, they're very light, not too big of a sole, very comfy.

My friend Kendra works at the Sports Authority and she had a Friends and Family coupon, so I got them 25% off!  Sweet!

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  1. Yesssss. You are going to kick running ASS in the Midwest! I hope you feel like a super hero.

    Tell your folks hi for me!