Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If you had.....

500 bucks, no strings attached, to spend on whatever you want, what would you spend it on??

Okay, realistically, I would spend it on plane tickets home to Chicago. But we're talking about frivolity here, folks! This is assuming that I can budget for plane tickets and this is just fun money.

Mad money even. Quick story: my grandmother always had $20 in her wallet for when things 'come up.' It was called mad money, and it was to be spent on fun, cute things, or for ice cream, that sort of thing. When she passed away my senior year of high school, her only son, my Uncle Craig, put $20 in this little drawer in her casket. She always had mad money on her, so it seemed appropriate.

Today is a crappy day for me. Work sucks, we're super short staffed, and I keep thinking of all the stuff I need to get done at the apartment. And at the Muhlenkamps', where we're currently living/moving. Bryan got off work early so he has to do all the work himself, which is lame. And it just got sunny and what I could really really use is a good run, get some of this anxious energy out and stretch my legs.

Alas. I cannot.

So instead I'm going to revel in some "window shopping" online, in between helping patients.

So. $500. How would you spend it??

I think of a lot of people would be tempted to get one big thing. My husband, for instance, would get a television. While I would love a nice big television, that's just not how I am when it comes to spending. Oh no. I want a vast array of stuff. STUFFFFFF.

To start off with, I think I would get these mugs from Anthropologie:

I already have the "J" and "L" mugs, so at $6 a mug, this would be about $145 dollars (we're not counting tax on these fake purchases).

Another Anthropologie find. I have the original Rose lip balm, but MINTED Rose sounds wonderful. For $8 this is frivolous, but that's the point of this exercise. Current total: $153
Once again, Victoria's Secret super yummy Mandarin Santal perfume. $32, current total $185.

The Alphabet mugs would need somewhere to go, so I'd hang them from this shoe rack with these hooks from Ikea, which I would install in the kitchen:

the rack is $10 and the hooks are $1 for a ten pack, so all together the shelf system would cost $13, and our running total is now $198.

This adorable nightie from Victoria's Secret for $35. Total: $233

I would get these glasses from fitted with my sunglass lenses in my prescription. Total would be about $14, running total: $247

Now here's a big purchase. These are the running shoes I want, Nike Free 5.0:
I like the yellow color, kinda funky, right? The sole, as you can sort of see, looks different because it's actually segmented along those little bumps. It moves with your foot and mimics barefoot running. HOT. $110 if you choose your own color. DUN DUN DUN!!! Total? Glad you asked. $357
This throw from Ikea for $25.

These throw pillows ($19, $25) from Etsy seller TheHomeCentric. Gorgeous!! Total: $426

Annnnd to finish it off...

This incredibly sweet ring from Etsy seller Sara Swanson Design. $68.

The grand total is now $494, and with the $6 left over I would buy myself a pint of Haagen-Dazs Five ice cream, probably their Coffee or Brown Sugar flavor.


What would you do with $500 of play money??


  1. Well if it were purely play money...probably some cute shoes, maybe an item of clothing from J. Crew (I love their clothes but NEVER buy them), and I'd take myself to Yogurtland for some self serve! :)

    I posted a link to this post on my blog and wrote on the same topic, if you're interested!

  2. Hi Korey! Welcome to my blog! I'm right there with you on the JCrew.... so so cute, but so expensive. Here in Humboldt County we have a really great resale shop called The Clothing Closet, and I bought a really cute JCrew top there for $6! It's one of the best bargains I've ever found!