Friday, March 5, 2010

Dork dork dork

Man I am a dork sometimes.

So I got dressed this morning in a very springy strappy dress with a white puffed sleeve tee underneath. Bryan told me I looked cute and very springy.

Then I went outside and it was chilly. Eak!

Apparently it's supposed to get up to the mid 60's today but I was freezing. I thought about grabbing my jeans and just wearing something else. Then I thought about grabbing a pair of leggings.

But then I thought, "I should see if I can pull off the dress with jeans look again."

See, a number of my girlfriends here layer dresses over jeans. It always looks cute on them. And I always feel like it looks super dumb on me. But this morning, I thought I'd try it. I even asked Bryan if it was okay and he told me to go for it.

And all day I keep wondering, "am I pulling this off??" I can be super confident when I feel good about myself. And I don't feel fat in this, which is really nice. It nips even very nice under the bust and I know my boobs look good in it. And because it's a strappy halter-style dress with a tee, I don't wear a bra with it. And I LOVE not wearing a bra. I know, very Humboldt. But I've loved not wearing a bra since high school, when I could get away with a lot easier with my B cups. I'm quite bigger than that now, hence the necessity for halter style dresses and tees underneath.

So one of the guys at work told me he liked my dress and I blushed. He called me on it and asked me if that embarrassed me (it didn't) and I told him what REALLY embarrassed me is that I kept wondering if I could pull off the jeans and dress thing!!!

MAN I am awkward.

He pretty much told me that it's Humboldt county and no one cares what you wear, and people wear really weird crap here so I could pretty much get away with anything. It wasn't "You are TOTALLY pulling that off" but it was pretty good. Good enough that I felt alright wearing this for the rest of the day, at least.

Confidence, Jessica, confidence.

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  1. I have done the same thing! Put on the jeans and dress combo, then second-guessed myself all day, thinking I was not pulling it off and wishing I'd just worn tights. It doesn't help that I get almost daily comments at work about what I'm wearing, no matter what it is...