Friday, March 12, 2010


My runs this week have been a bit different! When we lived in Arcata, I would either run the "lap" around our block/area that Bryan and I mapped out to be about 1.2 miles, or I'd run at Mad River Beach. Last weekend Bryan and I drove back to Mad River Beach because it's a quieter beach and good for dogs. It also has nice long stretches that aren't popular with families, so there is less distraction.

This week was different. On Wednesday nights I attend a Ladies' Life Group in Arcata at 7pm. It's about 10 minutes away from where I work, so it doesn't make sense to drive the 20 minutes back to Eureka at 5:30 in the evening, just to eat something quickly, turn around, and drive back. Instead I went straight to my friends' house, where we have the Life Group. I brought my workout clothes and changed there and decided to run 'out in the country.' The little subdivision they live in backs up on a number of farms, so it's a nice quiet place to run.

It was a difficult run after that 23 minute run last weekend, I'll be honest. It's a lot harder for me to run in shoes than to run barefoot on sand, and I ended up getting a nasty blister. It was cool, however, to run by cows and to run towards the sun set. I was pretty happy when it was over though.

When I came home from work last night I pretty much just wanted to crash, but Hagen needed a bit of exercise. I figured if I was going to be out walking him for the next 20 minutes, I may as well run. I know the C25K program says to take a day in between runs to rest, but I figured I'd try it. It was HARD. And these weren't 20 minute runs either... it was back to interval training. Still, running those two 10 minute runs with only a 3 minute rest in between felt brutal. Hagen keeps a faster pace as well, so I was going a bit faster than normal, and I was running on my blister. Still, I'm hoping my next run will be on Saturday (so I'll get today off!!) and that it will be back at the beach, barefoot. I'm highly considering those Nike Frees or Vibram Five Fingers for running, if it's really more like barefoot. I've even considered trying to run in flats, but I think I'd just get sweaty and my foot would feel cramped. We'll have to see though.

Harvard University did a really interesting study on Barefoot Running that I recommend reading just because it's kind of cool. I'm also really enjoying "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall.

His writing reminds me a lot of Jon Krakauer; he has the same gift of writing non-fiction and making it read like fiction. You never feel like you're reading "a book about running" but more a book about these crazy people and this wacky adventure and this crazy race that takes place on top of a mountain. It's just great, fun reading. If you've read "Into the Wild" you'll know what I mean. I highly highly recommend it.


  1. I found you via Fomrspring, but I'm also doing C25K! Tomorrow's my last day of it actually!

    Good luck with your move! :)

  2. Wow, congrats!! Last day, that's super exciting! I'm hoping to get at least four runs in this next week. I'm going to try not to push it too hard, but I think I may be able to do the first 30 minute run (okay, slow slow jog) by March 28! Yikes!

    Thanks for dropping by!! Good luck on your run!