Saturday, March 6, 2010

C25K: Week 5, Day 3

Yesterday I did Day 3 of Week 5. It was actually more like Week 7 as far as the calendar, but it's hard to run when you've been packing, cleaning, and moving for a week and a half. YES A WEEK AND A HALF. How ridiculous is that?! We had so much crap, and thankfully we got rid of a lot, but it was still incredibly reDONKulous how long the whole process took. I'm quite happy we are done with the first move. We are now living back in Eureka, about 15-20 minutes from where we were in Arcata. We're watching Keith and Bethany's house, and their dog Hagen, while they are in Africa. They're awesome enough to let us stay here the full month so we don't have to pay rent for March!

Thanks Muhlenkamps! You guys rock.

So anyway, my run yesterday. I did it barefoot again on our favorite running beach, Mad River Beach. One gal on Facebook asked, "Isn't it really really hard to run in sand?" Why yes, gal, it is, if you run on the nice dry warm sand. I however take the easy way and I run on the very wet sand, right by the water's edge. I even get a bit of splashage some times, but it's fun. When I start to get really tired I pay special attention to the shells and rocks I'm making sure not to land on. "Ohh that's a pretty rock" or "ohh look half of a sand dollar!"

Bryan at Mad River Beach
My legs were aching after 10 minutes. But Mr. Robert Ullrey's all, "ohhh you're halfway through you can totally make it!" and I was all, "You're right, Mr. Ullrey, I kick alllll sorts of booty."

And I did! I finished my 20 minutes and then I ran another three. I considered trying to run the full 30 minutes that the C25K program trains you for, but then I realized I may push it too hard and really hurt myself. For 23 minutes was good. I'm quite happy that I stopped running, because my ankles were quite tender last night. After a good sleep last night, I feel almost 100% better.

This week's program has me going back to running intervals, which I suppose is all right. Bryan said it's good, I pushed hard yesterday and this week is about watching form and relaxing a bit and all of that. I sort of just want to keep going though, maybe running 25 minutes this week and then 30 next week.

Apparently, that's not how the program works. So I have to be patient.

I'm hoping this running starts to pay off in weight loss. Bryan says I probably won't start to see results until I'm doing three 20-30 minute runs a week. I sure hope to see something when I start running that much!! For right now though, I just feel really great about all the progress I've made!

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