Friday, March 12, 2010

Buying Stuff

I am trying so so so hard to be good and not to buy stuff right now. I know we won't be working for a whole MONTH so we need to be frugal. But it's haaaarddd because I like stufffff and I LOVE a good deal.

So. I bought stuff today. But I will try to justify it right.... NOW!

First purchase doesn't even NEED to be justified because it's FREE!

Organix Tea Tree Mint Shampoo! It came with a free "try me for free!" rebate, so I decided to take them up on their offer. I realize I had to pay $6.99 at the time of purchase, but as soon as I got back to work (I often shop during lunch) I put the rebate in the mail. I should get my rebate in the next month or so. Freeee! And smells really minty and fresh, which is nice.

Okay. Not too bad so far, right?


I went to Kmart on my lunch, thinking 'I'll just go see what's on sale.' Well. Almost the whole STORE is on sale. All Women's Fall and Winter clothes are $3.99 or less. SER.I.OUS.LY.

I started thinking.... "Jessica, you will be in Wyoming in just a little over a month. It is cold in Wyoming. And even when it's warm, it gets cold at night. Perhaps just take a little look at the sweater selection..."

I came away with these:
I realize that three of them are grey, yes. But they are different shades of grey, aren't they? Why yes, they are. And they are different. Different detailing, different silhouettes, DIFFERENT I TELL YOU!

And I have a huge love for argyle. And with this sweater and my white tulip skirt and a pair of flats I will look so cute and preppy and could maybe pass for Hermione Granger. True. Story.

These five sweaters came to $21 with tax, and I got a free Slushee! No lie!

So really. How could I pass that up? What if I got really really cold in Wyoming and had to get a sweater and the only one on sale was $20???? WELL I GUESS I HAVE SAVED MYSELF FROM THAT TERRIBLE FATE!

Now the only question is whether I tell Bryan or just start wearing these tops and seeing if he notices....



  1. Oooh I might have to try that shampoo! I have the teatree and mint from Trader Joe's and I love it! Is it tingly? Can I get a coupon online?

    Where I live there are no K-Marts, if you can believe it, and I'm really sad about that right now!

  2. It's a bit tingly, but not crazy tingly. I wish we had Trader Joe's here!!! I totally miss them.

    The rebate actually was attached to the shampoo; I got it at Rite-Aid and they had a number of shampoos and conditioners in this line with the rebate attached. There was another line of sulfate-free shampoos with free rebates as well, but I liked this smell the best. Do you have Rite-Aid by you? They are awesome about rebates!

    I never thought I'd be so excited about Kmart (I grew up outside of Chicago), but now that I'm living in a place with so few options for shopping really makes you grateful for Kmart!

  3. If you're spending money this looks like a great way to do it! I love the sweaters.

  4. Thanks Rae! I showed my husband within the first five minutes of getting in the house because I HATE keeping things from him. He agreed they were a very good deal. :)