Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day doesn't mean all that much in the Lords Family. At least in THIS Lords family; there are quite a few and I cannot speak for them all. We "celebrate" on February 10th, since it was the day we got engaged three years ago.

We made dinner and it was way too garlicky. I think I mentioned that. I made Bryan a little gift that he liked, and it was free, which was nice. I cut up some grey cardstock into tiny strips and wrote some reasons I loved him on them, and then I curled them up and put them into an 8 oz mason jar. He immediately said "so I can pick a new one out every day!" which was cute, since it's what I was thinking. However, I probably wouldn't have the will power to ONLY pick one every day. And every day since I gave it to him I've asked "so what was today's reason? Huh? Huh?" and he tells me "You're the one who wrote the reasons, you know them!" He thinks it's silly that I always want to see him read them. But that's just how I am.

One of the reasons I love my hubs is that he really does take care of us. I looked at our bank account yesterday and realized we had SO VERY LITTLE MONEY. I seriously thought we had at least a THOUSAND more dollars. I freaked out and cried and told Bryan we were so broke ass broke that we were going to starve. Bryan got upset and told me I was being silly, and then I called him condescending and got more upset and teary.

Then he showed me this ridiculous budget he made, with every little thing accounted for; it shows how much we should have each month, that sort of thing, and he pointed out that February, March, and April would be tighter months, but that we'd be okay. I was still a bit shook up when I realized how little cash we had, but it was so great to have him there walking me through everything. It was awesome to know that he had been on top of the situation for MONTHS and that I didn't have to worry. It was also good for me to get a realistic view of the situation so I know that buying that $2 lip gloss will actually affect our budget, so SPOT BUYING RANDOM CRUD JESSICA!!!!

Bryan takes care of me. I take care of him. We have a really good thing going, and I feel blessed to have such an awesome hubsters. He's my rock and my safe place and he's darn hot and looks great in GAP khakis. And this morning he let me go to breakfast with the girls, and when I told him I wasn't going to get much of anything he said "just get breakfast and don't worry about it." So I went out with the ladies and had fun and I brought him home a blueberry muffin and a kiss.

He's the best present I could ask for this Valentine's Day.


  1. Jessica,
    I loved this post!!
    I totally relate to what you wrote about money, I feek out almost monthly about it only to find that Dave has been watching it and has him own budget all set up and kept. You guys have got what it takes for sure and I like reading about your adventures and am so excited for what the future holds for you. Humboldt County will be missing you for sure.

  2. Anna,
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I am so excited for you and Dave, I'm very thankful you are both fans of Facebook so I can see your baby boy as he grows!! We will definitely miss all of our wonderful friends here, but I'm happy we're able to stay in touch so much easier now than we would have ten years ago, you know??

  3. Jess, I love this post! You are so creative! The best gifts come from the heart! You two are so cute! I love ya!