Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Week's Etsy

This week's Etsy finds are all about being eco-friendly. Now let's be honest for a moment: I don't compost. I use paper towels. Sometimes I forget my reusable shopping bags in my car.

But I do some things that are 'green.' I recycle. I use a Diva Cup (don't know what that is? Post is below... somewhere). I sometimes remember my reusable shopping bags.

I think a lot of us could be better are reusing things, recycling things, repurposing things, all of that. So these are some things I'm really liking right now that are a bit more eco-friendly.

Reusable panty liners! From Epicerma. I wouldn't use these alone (well, not most of the time) but I would definitely use them with my Diva Cup just in case I was going to be out of bathroom range for more than 8 hours.

Reusable sandwich/snack bags from WasteNotSaks. So cute! Lined with nylon so they are mostly water-proof, I am definitely going to buy/make something like this for the summer when Bryan and I are both packing our lunches.

Cute tea towels like this one from Brookish. Oh yeah, that's a Mr. Darcy quote from "Pride and Prejudice." I have a new and blossoming love for that book. I thought it was "lame" to read anything at all from that era in high school, and I'm now hooked!

Another beautiful tea towel:
from Ninaglaser. Perhaps if I had cute towels like this, I would use paper towels less?

Any other ideas of how to be eco-friend and still cute??

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