Monday, February 1, 2010

Things to Look Forward to...

So I'm posting like crazy today, because work is really really slow, and they blocked Facebook. Whatcha gonna do, eh?

On Saturday Bryan and I ate out at Rita's (our favorite Mexican in Humboldt) to celebrate a stupid contest that we made up that we won the night before (each of us drinking 1 gallon of water before bed). While we waited for our yumsciousness (Super burrito with carnitas for me, torta for Bryan) I tried to engage Bryan in conversation regarding what he was looking forward to in Jackson this summer.

Let's just say it didn't work well on his part. Bryan was supppper tired and kind of out of it from staying up late the night before (should have slept in until noon like me!) and wasn't the best conversationalist. I, however, kept thinking of fun things that I was anticipating. Here is Bryan's list:

Mountain biking
Sitting by the river

Those are good things, it's true, but they are incredibly OBVIOUS when it comes to Jackson. Come on babe, live a little!

My list was a little longer, and Bryan thought it may be asking too much out of one summer. I then reminded him that I would most likely not have any girlfriends in Jackson this summer, as it looks like Kendra may not be coming down with Cody this year. So we will know Cody and Greg, but they are FAR from female companionship. So here are some things that I will occupy my time with:

An herb garden -- we may be living in a teeny tiny studio since rent is so pricey in Jackson, but I would still like a pretty little herb garden with a few of my favorites this summer. Seems pretty doable.

Teton County Library -- I really like this little library! I found some really good music when I last lived in Jackson (summer 2006, woot!) including West Indian Girl. I also found some fun books, which takes us to our next item...

Reading! -- I am greatly looking forward to reading this summer. I have a few books that I want to look at, including "The Pursuit of God" and a few other Tozer books, as well as "How Not to Speak of God" by Peter Rollins. There's a lot more, but those are top of my list at the moment. I do plan on reading some non-theology books as well. :) In fact, if there is anyone who reads this, and has a good suggestion for a fiction book, please comment and let me know the name! I love suggestions.

Local music-- Ohhh local music. I guess Humboldt local music is pretty good (gotta love Huckleberry Flint ) but there is a lot of reggae as well (a la Reggae on the River). I really loved seeing Cary Judd and Isaac Hayden in 2006 in Jackson, and hope to hear more excellent music this summer!

Hiking-- Okay, okay, so Bryan was spot on with this one. I can't wait to hike again! I LOVE Paintbrush Canyon and hope to try many other trails that I haven't had the pleasure of hiking this summer. (Sidenote: Wish I could access Facebook at work! I have some GREAT pictures of Paintbrush!!)

Trying new recipes -- I have a copy of The Pioneer Woman's cookbook and I can't wait to try some of the recipes! She's not afraid of butter or sugar so I know that Bryan and the guys will approve.

Finding Community -- I'm not sure if we'll be working on Sundays, but I hope if we aren't that we will try to find a church that we can like enough to attend. I know that we really really love Catalyst and truly feel at home there, and I know we probably won't be able to replicate that same sense of home. Catalyst was the only church we went to in Humboldt because we loved it so much. Catalyst was the first church we attended together besides my dad's church in Chicago. So I hope we either find a church to go to on Sundays, or we find a Life Group, or we find good friends (preferably with some similar spiritual background)with which to experience community.

Farmer's Market -- We never really went to the Farmer's Market regularly here in Arcata, and I'm hoping we get better at it this summer! Gotta love local produce.

Okay, that's enough for now. But I am excited for Jackson! I love that town so much, it had such a shaping effect on me a few years ago. It was the summer that I chose to grow up (in fact, that was my #1 point of the summer) and it was the summer that I was my most physically fit, and it was the summer I roomed with 3 lovely ladies, and it was the summer that I met my one true love, Bryan! It was a great, great summer, and I learned so many wonderful things, and I stayed out all night and went to work exhausted and played hard and just felt incredibly free. I know it won't be the same; you can't expect that a place will hold the same lessons two times in a row, as you should have learned them already. And you can't expect life as a single 21 year old to be/feel the same as it does when you're married and 25. BUT STILL. Jackson has that wonderful allure and magic to me, and I'm excited for another adventure.

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