Friday, February 5, 2010

Sure I've Got Abs, They're Just Kept Warm By This Lovely Layer of Fluff!

Let me tell you, losing weight is HARD. There's no way around it, it's just not an easy thing, weigh-loss. I remember it being not nearly as difficult when I was 18-21, but since then it's been ridiculous!

Before I moved to Wyoming for the summer of 2006, I was sitting a pretty comfy weight. I'm not going to tell you what the number is because I'm vain, and embarrassed at how high the number is now.

So there.

Anyways, Before Wyoming ('06) (B.F.), I was feeling pretty good about my body. It was a bit soft as I wasn't working out much, but I looked pretty good. I was amazed at the difference elevation made in Wyoming, though! All of a sudden I felt terribly out of shape, and had difficulty riding my bike a mile. It took about two weeks to get used to the elevation, and it still took a bit of effort to get used to working out and hiking at such altitudes.

Evidently, working out more at high altitude was great for my body, because I lost about six pounds without trying that summer! I was also eating healthy, mainly homemade meals. I ate a lot of wraps, chicken, some pasta, and salads. It was that summer that I began to enjoy cooking, and I tried new things, like making Mexican and Thai dishes. It was a good time!

Then came A.W. or After Wyoming. In late August I moved back to Illinois and went to my "last" semester at university. It was really just my last semester of full-time classwork, as I had a full-time internship that spring. My best friend at university, Kathy, was in Costa Rica for a study abroad program. I was living with two girls I didn't know very well, and I was attempting to date a boy long-distance that I had only dated in person for two weeks. It was an interesting semester.

I gained ten pounds that semester, which was incredibly disheartening. At the beginning of my final, final semester, I got engaged, which was awesome, and Bryan moved in with my family. I worked full time at a pregnancy clinic and went down to Olivet (my university) once every other week for a seminar class. I gained five pounds that semester, and was able to lose about two with extreme calorie reduction (1,000-1,500 a day) in time for my wedding.

Then came the move to California. And switching birth controls. I gain another ten pounds. What does this mean? This means I am now 25 POUNDS HEAVIER than I was when I left Wyoming.


I never in my LIFE thought I would weigh this much. I realize it's not like I'm obese, but it's still not healthy. I need to lose 15 pounds to be back in the "good zone." It used to be pretty easy to lose some weight, but now every pound is a struggle. I even thought of using Alli but decided that I didn't want to poop my pants.

So I decided to start the C25k (Couch to 5K Challenge). Then I read that a lot of people don't really lose weight on this program. EAK! So I started to the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels. I tried this a few months ago, decided it was too hard, and quit. Oh yeah, perseverance! I picked it up again last week and realized it was a bit easier after starting C25K.

Then I hurt my knee. My right knee to be specific. I pretty much figure my right leg is my gimp leg. I hurt the knee in college, and I've hurt that ankle a few times. It's the leg with the knee and the ankle that have cracked since I was little, it's the leg where I've had cellulitis, and it's the leg where I have had these little stupid bumps for three years that I'm hoping to have removed on Monday.

It's my gimp leg.

I couldn't decide whether to just run through the pain, or give it a rest for a few days. Bryan recommended I rest, and I took his advice, since it was raining all week. I did the Shred instead, and it's been a nice workout, although I'm scared to go to Level 2. I put in on my computer with the sound off and the captions on while I watch tv on the big computer. That way I don't have to listen to Jillian yell at me. I find her terrifying.

I figure between C25K and the Shred, I should lose weight EVENTUALLY. PLEASE GOD LET ME LOSE WEIGHT EVENTUALLY. I know that I will most likely lose a bit in Wyoming just because I'm a bit more active there with more outdoor activities, but I want to lose more than a bit.

I want to lose those frustrating 25 pounds.

I know. It pretty much sounds impossible. Even thinking 25 pounds is extremely daunting. That's like... 3 good-sized newborns. It's also about the same weight of a small dog. It would be like losing 2 bowling balls. ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS?!

But I'm not officially making 25 pounds the goal because it may be so high that I'll just get frustrated. And I'm really really going to try not to be tempted to use poopy-pants-pills.

Anyone have any suggestions for losing weight? Specific workouts or foods that helped you on your way?


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  1. I have lost 10 pounds this year so far and I'm hoping to lose another 15. I have been drinking a ton of water and I never eat after 7 pm. I also do a lot of cardio - specifically running and I'm sure as you improve your running - the weight will begin to drop.