Monday, February 22, 2010

Naked Lady Party

Sounds saucy, no? Well, it's not EXACTLY as... "interesting..." as it sounds. But I'm a heck of a lot more comfortable with the situation. :)

A "Naked Lady Party" is a clothing exchange, just with a silly title. I actually organized one for some of the ladies in our church and their friends. It was awesome! My friend Rachel hosted and everyone brought the clothes that they don't wear enough to justify wearing, or that don't fit. Being a bit of a dork, I carefully organized areas for everything and had people place their clothes appropriately. Yes. I am that girl. But only with certain things... I'm certainly not like that in my own house with most things.

Anyways, it was great! We had sooooo much clothes! I think there were about 14 girls who showed up. It's amazing how many unwanted/unneeded clothese 14 girls can drum up! And it wasn't just clothes either. There were a number of books and kitchen stuff, which was great. A lot of ladies hadn't been to a Naked Lady Party before and seemed a bit hesitant at first. When we said "okay, go for it!" people sort of started shuffling towards the clothes slowly and gently touching piles. After a while they got into it and started grabbing whatever and trying stuff on. I advised the gals to wear leggings and a tank top so they could try stuff on without stripping down, in case they felt that would be immodest.

One of my good friends, Bethany, kept finding such cute stuff! It was fun to see her try things on and have the other girls say "you need to take that, it's adorable!" and have her protest, "But look at all the stuff I am already taking!!"

When the gals had gone through every pile multiple times and taken everything they wanted, we still had two whole tables worth of clothing! We filled up Rachel's trunk with clothes to donate to the local women's shelter.

I highly recommend Naked Lady Parties. First of all, they are super fun. It's always nice to get together and "go shopping" with friends. Secondly, it's a great way to get a lot of new things without being super consumeristic. Finally, it's a good way to do all of the above while still helping others by donating everything that is left. Last year when we had a NLP, a lot of people brought jewelry. When it wasn't all claimed, it was donated. The gal at the women's shelter was so happy! She said that a lot of donations are clothes that aren't in great shape, and that they never get jewelry. It was nice to know we had "good stuff."

I tried to be good. I put things back. But I still walked away with a good amount of stuff!! I got a nice new bra that looks like it was never worn, three simple tanks (black, purple and brown, which are the colors I wear most, actually), two very pretty knit cardigans, a pretty white and teal scarf that I've worn in my hair the past three days, a cute tee with a sweet print on it, and a complete work out outfit. Oh! And a skirt. And a Brighton bracelet. And a pedicure kit with soaks and lotions and scrubs. And a shirt for Bryan (Rachel's husband brought out some guy stuff). And two books on herbs and wellness. And "The Earth is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman. Yeah. I think that's it.

Crazy, no??

Naked Lady Party. You heard it here first. Or maybe not first. But seriously, do it!!!


  1. How fun! My aunt hosts an annual "Closet Swap" which sounds the same as your Naked Lady Party... I love your title way more though and will have to tell her about it. :)

  2. It is so darn fun, seriously! I loooove having new clothes (I'm not very clingy to most of my clothing and don't mind saying goodbye to a lot of it) but it's nice to not have to pay for new things. And it's nice to donate to a shelter instead of just dropping clothes off at a thrift store.