Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Shopping Trials and Tribulations.

Okay. This is serious guys.

I just realized that, as of April, I will be at least three hours away from the closest Target and Victoria's Secret.

This shouldn't seem like a big deal. It's not, really. Except that I loooooove those stores. I don't even buy much from either of them, but they have occasional great great great deals! And I LOVE a good deal.

Especially on undies. I loooove buying undies.

Especially since, in preparation for the move, I have gone through my clothes and thrown out what was gross or whole-y, and donated/exchanged what is still good.

I am very low on undies!!!! And I realize that I have a lot more thongs than I thought. Which is okay. But I'm really a bikini girl through and through. Especially if it's cute and has lace somewhere on it. I LOVE lace.

So I've decided that I have to scour the internet for the next month and find as many free undies coupons as I can. I got a free lacey thong last week, and I got a coupon for a free lacie hiphugger this week. The thong was "no purchase necessary" but the hiphugger requires a purchase. They have lotions on sale for 3 bucks though, so it's still cheap for a full-sized lotion and a pantie.

But yes.

My underwear mecca will be no more. The closest one will be in Idaho Falls.

Don't cry for me, pantie kingdom. I swear, I've always loved you.


  1. Sad! I refuse to move more than 30 minutes from a Target. Seriously. I mapped the closest Target to every home that made our serious consideration list. If it was close to a Target Greatland, it got extra points.

    You should check out I just started using it, and I'm a big fan. Use toilet paper ever two weeks? They'll ship you a new pack every two weeks, so you'll never run out. Tampons every six months? done. They have lots of green options, and they've added products after I suggested them, so they'll probably carry your favorites. They even have a price comparison on their site, so you can see they're cheaper than, Peapod, or any other service you can mail order from. They also pack as many products together as possible, and they don't go crazy with unnecessary packing material. They do put liquids in ziploc bags, but that's cool with me. I just reuse the bags.

  2. Very cool! I will check it out! Thankfully Jackson has a Kmart. I know that shopping locally is better for the community, but so much of Jackson is SO EXPENSIVE and you can only buy so many things from thrift stores.

  3. When you go to Idaho Falls to go to Target and Victoria Secret you could have Coly & the baby meet ya there for lunch, that would be fun!