Sunday, February 7, 2010

My panties are going to smell delicious! (weird.....)

Yesterday I got two of these beautiful grey sachets at Victoria's Secret for $2 each! According to their website, these sachets are practically magical: "A gossamer layer of silk scents the wardrobe. The exotic freshness and lush sparkle of Chinese mandarin. Rare sandalwood from India. Elusive moments of mimosa, honeyed musk and white woods."

Pretty much what that means is that this little pillow smells delicious, and my undies and bras are going to smell so good that I will probably get caught trying to smell them while at work. Which will be weird for all parties involved.

I currently wear Ralph Lauren Romance, which is a very yummy perfume I got from Bryan for Christmas. According to the website, this perfume combines "velvety woods, extravagant florals and seductive musk." Apparently I like musky, woody fragrances. Me-ow.

So I think I'm going to save up my shekels and get the Silk Mandarin Santal perfume sometime when it gets a tiny bit cheaper. It just smells sooo sooo yummy. If you like sandalwood, you will love this perfume. And I'm a bit obsessed with anything sandalwood-y. Ralph Lauren Romance is a bit sweeter and smells a bit more... mature? to me. It's definitely my go-to perfume when I want to feel pretty. I like the idea of the Silk Mandarin Santal as a different option. It has almost an incense smell to me, mixed with a tiny bit of citrus. Very delicious.


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