Saturday, February 6, 2010


Bryan had a guy's group thing this evening (it's like a guy's Bible study group but has less structure and more food) in Eureka, so while he was out I decided to head to Victoria's Secret to use my free "The Lacey Thong" coupon. Because of the coupon and the good deals, I left Victoria's with a cute navy lace thong, a "refreshing" citrus-y body and hair mist, and two Mandarin Sandalwood silk sachets, and was out only 6 bucks. Nice!

I decided to take Samoa road home since I like driving over the three bay bridges at night, and it's a nice relaxing drive compared to the 101. I was right at Manila when my windshield was hit by what I can only assume was a huge ass rock.

No one was in front of me on the road, and the person coming towards me was about 500 feet away. Add that to the fact that I saw the rock coming up at me from the bushes on the side of the road, and you find that SOME JERK THREW A ROCK AT MY CAR WINDSHIELD WHILE I WAS DRIVING 55 MILES AN HOUR.

I immediately turned on my blinker and pulled to the side of the road, and then thought "if they threw a rock at me once who is to say they won't do the same thing, or worse, again?" So I drove another few feet, pulled a U-bomb and stopped my car on a non-through street. I called Bryan up.

I had no idea what to do, nor could I articulate where I was, I just said, "I'm on that road when you're coming back from Eureka and you don't go the normal way, but you go to the Davis house. Someone threw a rock at the car and I have glass on me. Should I go look for the rock?" Bryan told me no, going to look for the rock and finding the people who threw it would not be wise. He asked if I was okay to drive and told me to drive to Dan and Rachel Davis' house two miles away, and he told me he'd leave and meet me.

I was upset and crying a bit when I got to the Davis house. I was a bit in shock and didn't know what to do, so I turned off the car, got out, and looked at the windshield. It was bad. The rock didn't go all of the way through, thankfully. The whole glass was spider-webbed though, and there were small shards of glass all over the inside of the car.

I went inside the Davis house and saw Dan and Rachel's roommate, Levi, sitting at the kitchen island on his laptop. "Can I hang out?" I said, and he just looked at me weird and said "yeah." I went into the bathroom and saw glass in my hair, so I took my hair out of the bun it was in and shook out as much glass as I could. I started crying again and then composed myself. I didn't have any cuts or glass on my face. I walked out of the bathroom into the kitchen again, and filled up the tea kettle and turned on the stove to heat up some water. I almost always do this first thing when I get to the Davis house. I didn't even think about. I turned to Levi and he said "so what's up?" and I started to cry and told him that someone threw a rock at my car and there was glass in my hair, and that I had to go outside. He followed me and seemed worried about my weird-ass behavior, and not without reason. When have I ever asked to hang out at the Davis house? Never. Who just walks in and puts on tea water and starts talking about glass in their hair in a quiet voice while crying? This girl, apparently.

Levi got a towel and started to wipe the dash in an effort to clean up the millions of tiny shards. He asked if I had called the cops, and I said "no, should I? Do you call the cops for this?" He assured me that it would be appropriate, and I spoke to an officer and let him know what happened. He asked where this occurred and told me that they would send out an officer to check out the area. He asked me if I wanted to make a police report, and if I did he'd send a cop my way. He then said "if you make a report this will go on your driving record as a crash," and suggested that perhaps I talk to my insurance company and then decide if I would like to make a report on Monday.

Wait. Someone throws a rock at MY window and scares the POOP out of me and it goes on MY record??

Just then Bryan showed up and I told him what happened, and he hugged me and that made me feel better, but it also made me cry a tiny bit. My sweet Bryan, always to the rescue. I told him what the police said about my record and he got pissed and said something about "oh wow that's awesome, what a fantastic system THAT crap is..." The cop seemed to think it was homeless people or transients, and I thought the same thing. Where it occurred was a little stretch of land away from houses. It's just a little bit of earth separating the road from the bay. It's also a definite homeless camp area from what I understand.

We went inside and I had a cup of tea while Bryan checked our car insurance on Rachel's laptop. We put a garbage bag on the window since it would most likely rain tonight, and we went out to Bryan's car. I got in and started crying again. I told Bryan it was really scary and that I already don't like cars and that I hate all homeless people and would not give out any more granola bars ever. I realize it's possible that it wasn't the homeless/transient population that is so prevalent here, but that's how I was feeling at the time. He took me home and I had a nice shower, and that helped a bit.

It's still very frustrating. We're trying so hard to save money before our move to Wyoming. While I was driving I thought "hey, I should go get some food at Safeway, we could use a few items." I then reminded myself that we had perfectly good food at home and that we were trying to save money. It was then that my car got hit.

So much for saving money. There's another 200-500 dollars down the drain.


I am quite thankful that I wasn't hurt. I could have very easily gotten glass in my eye, in my mouth, or in my skin. But I didn't, it was just on my clothes and in my hair. The rock could have gone through the window and really injured me, but it didn't.

I am thankful for that.

I am really really frustrated that people do stupid crap like that though. There's no excuse for vandalism. When I think of all the times we've had stuff stolen from us, I get frustrated. When I think of the vandalism that's happened to us and people we care for, I get frustrated. When I think of crap like my brother in law getting held BY GUNPOINT 20 FEET IN FRONT OF HIS HOUSE, I get frustrated. Those things didn't all happen here. They happen here, yes, but also in Illinois, and Utah, and Oklahoma. People are bad everywhere.

I have to remind myself that people are good everywhere to; I need to remind myself to hang on to that truth.

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