Friday, February 26, 2010

"I can do that..."

I love the internet. I love the internet because it's an amazing amazing place to get ideas and to inspire creativity. When I was younger, my mom and I loved going to St. Emily's craft fair; we'd get all sorts of ideas for Christmas presents and house decor. Now it's as easy as going online.

When I was planning my wedding (and even after I got married) one of my favorite sites was Weddingbee. Weddingbee is a wedding site (duh) that features many different brides and shows their planning processes. I really enjoyed following certain brides that has similar styles to my own, and I've gone on to read their personal blogs now that they're married as well. I found so many great wedding and decor ideas from that site! I highly recommend it to any brides.

Another site I really like for design ideas and "before and afters" is Design*Sponge. I really enjoy their "before and after" furniture posts. Some are incredibly intricate jobs that would take forever, and others just go to show what a nice coat of paint can do!

Here's one example from Design*Sponge:

Soooo cute. We have an end table/coffee table that we picked up for free at a garage sale a few years ago, and I'm hoping we're able to move with it, because I really love it. The top of it has all this cool word working. If we can't, I'm planning on sawing off the legs and just keeping the top of it as either a wall hanging or as a top for another table. It's just so pretty. It's also a bit beat up, so I'm going to redo it this summer, hopefully. I can't decide if I want to just restain it and leave the word visible, or if I want to go kind of crazy and paint it. If I painted it, it would definitely become the focal point of a room, like the table above. Not sure yet...

Design*Sponge has also solidified my love for chalkboard paint.

I have a cabinet and mirror set that was my grandparents'. I use the cabinet for crafty stuff, usually. The mirror was old and grungy looking, so we threw it away. Until I find a mirror that's about the same size, I'm thinking of getting some magnetic paint and chalkboard paint and doing something like the above picture. That way I could put up pictures or things I like with magnets, or I could write on it in chalk or with chalk markers. Seems like a fun idea.

I really love as well. Their products are uber expensive, however. I like getting ideas from there and seeing if I can do something like it, however.

This for example:

Okay, this may look hard, and I certainly would make mine a bit different, but the idea seems easy to replicate. I think I'd make mine all wood, but I'm not quite sure. I really like the use of color here.

One really cool idea I found on Etsy:

As seen on Gneiss Spice's Etsy.

I can do that! Right? I can get a cool magnetic strip and do this for my cotton balls and q-tips and my little crocheted face scrubbers, right?


I have a feeling this will be a summer of craftiness and DIY. And believe me, I am looking forward to it!

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