Thursday, February 4, 2010

EARTHQUAKE!!! (Another one)

So almost a month ago, on January 9th, Humboldt experienced a 6.5 earthquake. It was pretty big news here! Then, the awful earthquake in Haiti happened, and our earthquake seemed like nothing in comparison to that incredibly horrific devastation.

Today we had another "nothing." 6.0 earthquake at 12:20 this afternoon. I was in a meeting, crowded around a computer station with 6 other ladies all listening to someone yell through the phone about reproductive health program guidelines.

Here's a screen shot from the US Government's earthquake site:

That big blue thing? The earthquake.

So, like I said, gathered around a computer in a small space. We felt it moving and all got up to go outside, and I tripped over my stupid little step stool that I was sitting on, and ran into two of my coworkers and accidentally kicked one in the shin while trying NOT to fall.


So now I'm the girl who pushes through people and kicks to get out a building during an earthquake. I feel so bad!!!! I would never actually push past or kick a friend during an earthquake. But it certainly looks strange, doesn't it?

The other thing is (TMI alert!) the FIRST big earthquake last month messed with my (ahem) cycle. So if a normal cycle is 28 days, think of how hormonal I am at 36 days with no menses in sight!!

Le sigh, again.

Hopefully this one won't mess me up any more! No more earthquakes, here me California?

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