Thursday, February 11, 2010

C25K Week 3 Day 2

Welllllll I haven't been running as much, but it's not because I'm lazy. I've been quite busy with friends and our Life Groups, and it keeps raining! It seems whenever it's not raining that we're out and about with people. Today, however, it was just a light mist, and I got in my second run of week three.

It's amazing how well this program trains your body! I kept thinking "okay, yeah, I'm tired... but I can't believe I'm doing this so well!" It's very cool to see my body adapt. For instance, during week 1 it was difficult for me to run for 1 minute straight. WHICH IS RIDICULOUS. But this is week 3, and it was fairly easy for me to run for 3 minutes. I even had a little bit of push left at the end and Bryan and I checked out each other's form (dirty!!!) when we met up for the last few hundred yards.

I'm hoping to run Saturday morning to finish off week 3, and to start week 4 on Monday. I have Monday off for Presidents' Day (woot!!!) and we're thinking of going out of town with the Muhlenkamps, but we're not quite sure where. We're also not sure if we'd stay overnight and camp, or just go somewhere for the day. We're considering Mendacino, which is wine country and very pretty, or possible Redding, which isn't as pretty but would be closer to 70 degrees (nice!!). We'll have to see.

Bryan and I watched "Food Inc" tonight. I have been hesitant to watch it thus far as I do not take very kindly to being lectured on my food choices, especially when I'm feeling convicted as is on some of my choices. Last night we celebrated "our Valentine's Day" which is really the anniversary of the day Bryan proposed (3 years yesterday!!). We had organic grass-fed beef steak, mashed potatoes, and a side of veggies consisting of garden green beans, portabello mushrooms and onions. It was yummy, although a bit garlicky. We had garlic bread too but that was quite too garlicky.

So we're trying. We've already been implementing a "eat less meat" plan, which has been working out well. I would say, on average, we don't eat meat about 2-3 days out of the week. This summer we've decided to only buy grass-fed/organic meat, and to try new things like bison and elk. We'd also like to have a small garden, but we'll have to see how feasible that will be in a small apartment.

I am quite excited about continuing my running this summer. If we live in Aspen Meadows we will be about a mile away from Jackon Whole Grocers, and will be able to bike to get our groceries, which is nice.

It's hard to be healthy, knowing that it costs more now but can save on medical bills in the future. Bryan's family has a history of diabetes so we have to be very careful with him and watch for any potential signs that he's developing it. Staying healthy is our best defense.

I liked Food Inc, by the way. At times it was obviously using theatrical elements (like showing smoke coming out of factories whenever it talked about any non-organic farming) and at times it seemed a bit silly with the editing (in one scene, the 'bad guys' are shown walking away with their heads down, and the whole scene is in almost black and white, with somber music playing) but it had some good points that I felt were honest and sincere. It encouraged us to be ethical with our food choices, which is a good thing.

If you haven't seen it, it's interesting, and I would recommend it. Plus, cows are cute.

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