Monday, February 1, 2010

C25K Week 2 Day 3, and some ramblings

So I am really not doing well at getting these done right after my run! Goodness!

Okay. Recap.

I did my third run of Week 2 on Saturday, and it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It definitely gets easier after you've done the first run for the week. I even did a little bit of a "heyyy, how about I go run in the grass over there.... pretend to not realize you're running past a homeless camp... woohoo!"

So the next morning I get up at a reasonable time (noon, ahem) and weight myself, and I AM A POUND HEAVIER THAN WHEN I STARTED RUNNING.

Okay. I realize I've only been doing this for two weeks. I also realize that muscle weighs more than fat. BUT. BUT!!!! Doesn't exactly make me feel all sassy.

So I looked up the C25K program and found out that a lot of women don't really lose weight on it, since you're only running a little bit 3 times a week. Bryan told me to think of this 'as a tool that will help me lose weight later on' when I can run farther. True. But I still don't feel very good about how I look and feel. I realize that's silly. But I am 25 pounds heavier than when Bryan and I started to date, and that's a bit hard to swallow (or, apparently not).

So my new goal is to do C25K 3x a week, and to do the "30 Day Shred" 2x a week. We're also concentrating on eating less meat, eating more beans, and eating more veggies. We're eating less meat not only for health benefits, but it's cheaper, and we've been going through this whole series at church about "shalom" which includes living in harmony with your world. Makes non-organic non-free range meat seem anti-shalom in many ways. So. I still have a hard time when people spout their food ideologies, but I think that's mostly because I hear it so often. Living in Nor Cal there are already a lot of organic-only, vegetarian-only people we know, but it seems that with the release of "Food, INC" and "Omnivores Dilemma" that eating meat and non-organic food becomes a daily conversation. I would post the podcasts from my church, Catalyst, but they aren't up on the website yet.

So those are things that I'm concentrating on at the moment. Bryan and I both really want to get into shape this summer. The last time I lived in Jackson I lost almost 10 pounds without really trying to at all. I just ate less, and healthier, and I hiked a lot, and biked to work a few times a week. If we end up living in Aspen Meadows I will most likely try to bike to work as it's only 2 miles. I remember how difficult it is to get used to the elevation though. Not to mention that you have to get used to the fact that a glass of wine at 6,000 feet is a WHOLE LOT STRONGER-FEELING than a glass of wine at 33 feet above sea level. Yowsas!

So. That's my goal. In an effort to attempt to be more specific about my goal, here are markers that I would be happy with meeting by September:

  • Wearing a size 7/8 jean comfortably (I'm a 10 now)
  • Wearing a bikini if I felt so inclined (but I do like the comfort of a cute one-piece)
  • Being able to run 3 miles straight
  • Making it level 3 on "30 Day Shred"
That's it. That's not so bad! In late October I will reward myself for the summer's hard work by going to Myrtle Beach. Ahhhhhh, I can alllmost feel the sun on my face and the sand in my toes. It will be nice to be near a beach where you can actually SWIM, instead of just shiver. :)

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