Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boo-Yah. (C5K Week 5 Day 2)

I ran the second run of Week 5 today on the beach. It was an incredibly beautiful day, sunny, around 55 degrees with very little wind. We're in the middle of our move to the Muhlenkamp's house in Eureka, which is where we will be living for March before we move to Jackson. It was a great break in the middle of moving.

This run was supposed to be like this: warm up, run 8 minutes, walk three minutes, run 8 minutes. I did all of that and after the second 8 minutes I walked for about two minutes, and then turn on some good ol' Jimmy Eat World. It was their "Bleed American" album (or self-titled) and it reminded me sweetly of my junior year of high school. With that as my background music I ran for an extra TEN MINUTES STRAIGHT!

Yeah I know. I rock. Boo-yah.

PS I totally think barefoot running on the beach is easier than running in shoes on cement. I will definitely miss it when we move away from the ocean.

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