Friday, January 15, 2010

So this is the new year...

Well, we're two weeks into the New Year, and I'm finishing my second week back from vacation at work. We had such a lovely time visiting Bryan's family in Idaho! We visited the family back in June, and at that time it looked like Bryan and I would be the only ones coming home for Christmas. But it wasn't that way at all! Stuart and Nicole visited from Rexburg, which was really fun. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Becca and the boys, Mason and Tyson, are moving into Nana and Papa's for the next six months until Jon finishes his contact at the hospital dental department in Oklahoma. I was bummed about what happened to Jon, but super excited to see Becca and the boys! And Jon came up for the whole week after Christmas! It was very nice. Not only that, but Matt and Becky came up from New Mexico to Utah for baby Scotty's blessing. We all trekked down to Utah to see him be blessed, and got to have a very nice lunch with the family. It was a great time all in all. We got to do a spa night with the ladies (Heidi was really the focus of the event; she's just getting to the point where doing her hair and nails is interesting to her) and it was a very fun and funny time. I know Heidi felt really pretty after getting dolled up, which was important to all of us as she doesn't always realize what a pretty, sweet almost 13 year old she is to all of us.

Bryan and I drove to Utah a day before Scotty's blessing and Bryan dropped me off with Heather in Tremonton and we spent the night at her apartment in Logan. We shopped, had pizza and Jamba Juice, hot tubbed, and talked theology until 2 am. It was really fantastic to see her, and it felt a lot like when we were roommates in Jackson, before Bryan and I had really become friends. It was great!

Bryan left me in Logan and went to the Provo area to hang out with Devon, one of his old roommates! They played video games and went out for wings and did all that fun stuff. I'm really glad I got girl time and Bryan got guy time. I haven't hung out with Heather without Bryan being there since we got married, and I think the same could be said with Bryan and Devon. It's good to catch up with pre-marriage friendships. :)

We also got to spend some time with Kendra and Cody, and Cody's family, and Greg, for a bit, which was very nice. I had some really good talks with Kendra, who I am friends with but would enjoy getting to know more. Cody, Greg, and Bryan grew up together in a ways and have been friends since high school. They're all from the same small 4,000 person town in Idaho, and it's so silly to see them together. They immediately revert to teenagers and it's just a bit ridiculous, but nice to see. I met them all about the same time in Jackson; they were the "boys." I love those boys... Bryan the most :)

Bryan is officially done with his undergraduate! His last final was December 18th, but he doesn't have his diploma yet. If we are still in California in May I will probably force him to walk at graduation, even though he thinks it's silly. He is working at the school book store while looking for jobs right now, but it's difficult to work full time and look for full time work, while also working on our "check list" that is just never-ending.

We are seriously considering moving to Idaho. I'm very excited about the possibility of being closer to family, and possibly buying a house. Housing is so much less expensive there, we may not have to rent for the next five years like we've been planning. I would be very sad to leave Humboldt, the wonderful friends we've made, and our awesome church, Catalyst. At the same time I get the feeling that it is time to move one, which is exciting yet very bittersweet.

If we cannot find work in Idaho or here, we may look for work in Jackson. There is a possibility that we'd be able to hook up with Colby and have Bryan work as a van driver for the summer, and possibly have me work front desk at the hotel, if there are any positions left. They're not terribly exciting jobs, nor are they careers, but they pay well. The front desk job there probably pays up to $5 more an hour than I make here at the clinic, and it's very slow, and you can answer the phone while laying outside in the sun. So that sounds pretty nice. Also, they're in Jackson. I think it would be very nice to spend the summer in a place that means so much to Bryan and I. It would be cool to live back there again now that we're married as well! Not as much crazy shananigans since we're all older now, and most of our friends are married, but we could still hike and go out for late night ice cream.

It's very strange to be in this season of our lives where college is over (at least undergrad) and we have all of these questions about our future unanswered, all these possibilities ahead. And of course, the recession, making job-hunting very difficult.

I am content though, knowing that I am dearly loved by my amazing husband, by my steadfast and endlessly loving parents (both sides), a host of good friends, and a Creator who not only knows what will happen tomorrow, but always.

That's a reassurance in which I can find hope.

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