Monday, January 18, 2010


"Forever young, I want to be forever young.... do you really want to live forever, and ever?"

Bryan heard this song on a tv show and was singing it when I came home. He said "better run if you want to be forever young." Okay, okay. It's raining, and it's dark, but I'll do it.

So I "suited up" (anyone else watch HIMYM?): socks, shoes, sweat pants, sports bra, workout top that holds my cell phone so I can listen to my podcast, and raincoat. Doin' it Humboldt style, right down to the ear warmer/headband thing I crocheted for myself to wear while running.

Today was pretty easy! My breathing was easier, my legs hurt more, but my ankles actually didn't love it, and I got a cramp in my left shin-area. Ouchy

It was nice to be able to run-- I felt proud of myself! And then I felt cold and rainy so I started really hoping it would just stop. I didn't do the 5 minute cool down outside; instead I came in and walked back and forth in the apartment for a couple of minutes, and stretched.

I am now making chili with plenty of beans. Bryan doesn't usually like chili (for shame!) but our friend Kendra Wageman made some when we visited Idaho last month, and he really liked that. So I am trying to make it more like Kendra's (with bbq sauce) and hopefully Bryan will enjoy it. Either way, it's a high protein fairly low calorie dinner that will fill us up. And I'm making a huge vat of it, so I can eat it throughout the week. This weight loss stuff is hard but I am really hoping it pays off!!! Just that fact that I didn't have a regular exercise pattern these past few months and now I am running 3 times a week will help out SOMEWHAT.

So that's it for tonight. Feeling good!! Last run for week 1 of C25K? Thursday.

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