Friday, December 31, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Things

- Bryan and I set up Skype on December 26th and we were able to "open presents with" my family!!  We saw Mom, Dad, Dave, Stac, and Grandma, and it was really awesome.  We took turns just like we do when we're actually together.  It was such a blessing to have that sort of technology available.  We live in cool times.

- I talked to my dear friend Kathy on Skype for TWO HOURS later that day.  It was AWESOME and hilarious and I loved every minute of it.  We've been friends since fourth grade and we get very silly around each other, so Skype was pretty awesome.

- We talked to part of Bryan's side of the family (Chris, Amanda, GK, Addy, Nicole, Stuart and Ella) for a bit on Skype as well and it was great to see them.  My nieces and nephews (GK, Addy, and Ella) are getting SO BIG!!  Luckily we only live 1.5 hours away from Nicole, Stuart, and Ella, which is awesome.  And it's just another hour to see my parents in law and my sister-in-law Heidi.  So much closer than when we lived in California!

- Lands End had a deal where their down vests were only $11 shipped and I TOTALLY bought one.  Then I got a gift card I won on for Sears/Kmart/LandsEnd and I got a new fleece!!  So excited!

- My dear friend Kati is coming to town tomorrow and is staying with us from Thursday-Sunday night, and I'm very excited to hang out.  We're going snowshoeing on Friday.

- Bryan and I are going x-country skiing on Saturday with friends.  Woot!!

- My dear friend Monica is getting married this August and she picked out her wedding gown today!  I wish that I could be there with her to see her try on dresses, but that's just not possible.  The next best thing though:  she tried on a dress that I saw online and recommended, and it's the dress she picked!!  I felt very honored she even tried it on. 

Good times, guys, good times.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud and Steve Zahn's Offspring

So tonight we went to a friends' house for dinner, since it's Christmas and all and none of us were with family (yes I am still bummed/slightly bitter).  We had a nice meal, which was great, and watched Charlie St. Cloud, which wasn't so great.  Not the best movie, but not as terrible as it could be.  Pretty views of the Pacific Northwest, and it does make you think that taking up sailing would be awesome.  It also makes you wonder how young 20-somethings can afford fancy boats and live in awesome places.  But whatever.

What REALLY got me was the character of Sam, played by Charlie Tahan.  He looks like he's Steve Zahn's son!!  No, seriously.  If I was his dad, I would be looking VERY SUSPICIOUSLY at Steve Zahn, because the resemblance is uncanny.  Look for yourself.

Apparently they are not related, but i still don't believe it.  Maybe an uncle?  MAYBE.  But probably baby-daddy.

Just saying.

Bryan and I are now halfway through the second Lord of the Rings movie.  It's a marathon weekend. 
Fancy times.  And that's that for Christmas.  Hope it was good for you and yours!

Merry Christmas!

We were unable to visit family this year (believe me, I spent a GOOD part of last night crying before Bryan got me to snap out of it) but we are enjoying a very relaxed Christmas here in Jackson.  We plan on watching the Lord of the Rings movies and eating lots of goodies.  Tonight we're going to some new friends' place to have dinner and play games.  It should be a good time.  Tomorrow we're going to hook up our webcam and open presents with my side of the family over Skype.  It will be very good to see them!

The view from our sidewalk this morning.  We have had a lot of snow this year! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Free Amazon Credits!!

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Total = $8.29 in free Amazon credit!  I combines my $2 and $1.29 credit and put it to The Avett Brother's "I and Love and You" mp3 album, which is just $5 now!  With my $5 Amazon On Demand credit I plan on renting "ELF", "Knight & Day", "Toy Story 3" and something else.  You could also BUY "300," which I'm a big fan of (but already own).  Good times, Amazon, good times.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rudolph the Dead-Nosed Reindeer...

I was about 4-6 inches away from hitting Rudolph today.  I guess Rudolph's dad was more like it; it was a big buck with a full rack.  I took my eyes off the road for like TWO SECONDS and I look back and there's a deer right in front of me.  Seriously, 4-6 inches off my passenger headlight.  SCARY!!  I was so thankful that I JUST missed it, I definitely think it was a God-thing because I really wasn't watching the road like I should have been.  Very very thankful.  That's the second time a deer has run in front of me on that road, along the same stretch (this is the main road in Jackson, btw) so I think I need to really be extra aware, especially around that area!!

Here me Rudolph?  I'm watching for you.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Confession is Good for the Soul

I confessed something to my husband tonight.  Something about another man, one that I have a crush on.

Jason Schwartzman.

He's got indie-cred (which I used to think meant a lot when I was trying to be cool), he has bushy eyebrows and he knows Wes Anderson and he used to date Zooey Deschanel.  Total crush.

And while we're on the subject...

Ryan Gosling.

It helps that his blue eyes, dark blonde hair and scruff remind me of my husband.  I hated him in "The Notebook" (well, what I really mean is that I hated that movie) but loved him in "Lars and the Real Girl" and I think this song by his band "Dead Man's Bones" has a weird, awesome feel.

Zachary Levi

Bryan and I love watching "Chuck," and just LOOK at this guy's smile.  I feel like he's the adult-version of my high school/college crush on Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) from "The OC."  Slightly dorky but lovable.

Bryan and I were talking the other night about actor/actress crushes.  He's all about Charlize Theron and Jennifer Connelly.  I mentioned an actor (I think it was Joel McHale?) was hot, and Bry disagreed.  Apparently he's not "hot," but would be considered cute.  Apparently guys like Brad Pitt are hot, but the Zachary Levi/Joel McHales of the world are cute.  I disagree!  I think any of the above guys are hotter than Brad Pitt because they seem more REAL and they are funny and you just want to be buds with them.  That's hot.

And Bryan is hot because he's just the nicest person I've met, and he makes me laugh like a crazy person, and he looks amazing in Gap khakis.  He isn't "cute," he's so much hotter than that.

My hubs

Classic Christmas Stories?

I'm not a big "Classic Christmas" gal.  I mean, I put up a tree, I wrap presents, read the Christmas story, all of that, yes.  But I don't want "It's a Wonderful Life" "Miracle on 34th Street" or any of those movies (in fact, I'm not sure I got those names right...).  I didn't grow up watching those movies.  I watched "The Santa Claus" of course, and we loved the claymation Christmas shows.  But not necessarily the classics (although I do love "The Bishop's Wife," does that count??).

One story that I REALLY love, that's become a bit of a classic Christmas story to me, is David Sedaris' "6 to 8 Black Men."  I first heard it my sophomore year of college (so 2004) and it had me in tears I was laughing so hard.  It's just that good.  So here is my attempt to share the Christmas spirit.  Below you will find a click of David reading his slightly abridged story live (not the best quality) and below that you can find the whole story, as it was shown in Esquire magazine.

Six To Eight Black Men

By David Sedaris
I'VE NEVER BEEN MUCH for guidebooks, so when trying to get my bearings in a strange American city, I normally start by asking the cabdriver or hotel clerk some silly question regarding the latest census figures. I say silly because I don't really care how many people live in Olympia, Washington, or Columbus, Ohio. They're nice enough places, but the numbers mean nothing to me. My second question might have to do with average annual rainfall, which, again, doesn't tell me anything about the people who have chosen to call this place home.
What really interests me are the local gun laws. Can I carry a concealed weapon, and if so, under what circumstances? What's the waiting period for a tommy gun? Could I buy a Glock 17 if I were recently divorced or fired from my job? I've learned from experience that it's best to lead into this subject as delicately as possible, especially if you and the local citizen are alone and enclosed in a relatively small space. Bide your time, though, and you can walk away with some excellent stories. I've heard, for example, that the blind can legally hunt in both Texas and Michigan. They must be accompanied by a sighted companion, but still, it seems a bit risky. You wouldn't want a blind person driving a car or piloting a plane, so why hand him a rifle? What sense does that make? I ask about guns not because I want one of my own but because the answers vary so widely from state to state. In a country that's become so homogenous, I'm reassured by these last touches of regionalism.
Guns aren't really an issue in Europe, so when I'm traveling abroad, my first question usually relates to barnyard animals. "What do your roosters say?" is a good icebreaker, as every country has its own unique interpretation. In Germany, where dogs bark "vow vow" and both the frog and the duck say "quack," the rooster greets the dawn with a hearty "kik-a-ricki." Greek roosters crow "kiri-a-kee," and in France they scream "coco-rico," which sounds like one of those horrible premixed cocktails with a pirate on the label. When told that an American rooster says "cock-a-doodle-doo," my hosts look at me with disbelief and pity.
"When do you open your Christmas presents?" is another good conversation starter, as it explains a lot about national character. People who traditionally open gifts on Christmas Eve seem a bit more pious and family oriented than those who wait until Christmas morning. They go to mass, open presents, eat a late meal, return to church the following morning, and devote the rest of the day to eating another big meal. Gifts are generally reserved for children, and the parents tend not to go overboard. It's nothing I'd want for myself, but I suppose it's fine for those who prefer food and family to things of real value.
In France and Germany, gifts are exchanged on Christmas Eve, while in Holland the children receive presents on December 5, in celebration of Saint Nicholas Day. It sounded sort of quaint until I spoke to a man named Oscar, who filled me in on a few of the details as we walked from my hotel to the Amsterdam train station.
Unlike the jolly, obese American Santa, Saint Nicholas is painfully thin and dresses not unlike the pope, topping his robes with a tall hat resembling an embroidered tea cozy. The outfit, I was told, is a carryover from his former career, when he served as a bishop in Turkey.
One doesn't want to be too much of a cultural chauvinist, but this seemed completely wrong to me. For starters, Santa didn't use to do anything. He's not retired, and, more important, he has nothing to do with Turkey. The climate's all wrong, and people wouldn't appreciate him. When asked how he got from Turkey to the North Pole, Oscar told me with complete conviction that Saint Nicholas currently resides in Spain, which again is simply not true. While he could probably live wherever he wanted, Santa chose the North Pole specifically because it is harsh and isolated. No one can spy on him, and he doesn't have to worry about people coming to the door. Anyone can come to the door in Spain, and in that outfit, he'd most certainly be recognized. On top of that, aside from a few pleasantries, Santa doesn't speak Spanish. He knows enough to get by, but he's not fluent, and he certainly doesn't eat tapas.
While our Santa flies on a sled, Saint Nicholas arrives by boat and then transfers to a white horse. The event is televised, and great crowds gather at the waterfront to greet him. I'm not sure if there's a set date, but he generally docks in late November and spends a few weeks hanging out and asking people what they want.
"Is it just him alone?" I asked. "Or does he come with some backup?" Oscar's English was close to perfect, but he seemed thrown by a term normally reserved for police reinforcement. "Helpers," I said. "Does he have any elves?"
Maybe I'm just overly sensitive, but I couldn't help but feel personally insulted when Oscar denounced the very idea as grotesque and unrealistic. "Elves," he said. "They're just so silly."
The words silly and unrealistic were redefined when I learned that Saint Nicholas travels with what was consistently described as "six to eight black men." I asked several Dutch people to narrow it down, but none of them could give me an exact number. It was always "six to eight," which seems strange, seeing as they've had hundreds of years to get a decent count.
The six to eight black men were characterized as personal slaves until the mid-fifties, when the political climate changed and it was decided that instead of being slaves they were just good friends. I think history has proven that something usually comes between slavery and friendship, a period of time marked not by cookies and quiet times beside the fire but by bloodshed and mutual hostility. They have such violence in Holland, but rather than duking it out among themselves, Santa and his former slaves decided to take it out on the public. In the early years, if a child was naughty, Saint Nicholas and the six to eight black men would beat him with what Oscar described as "the small branch of a tree."
"A switch?"
"Yes," he said. "That's it. They'd kick him and beat him with a switch. Then, if the youngster was really bad, they'd put him in a sack and take him back to Spain."
"Saint Nicholas would kick you?"
"Well, not anymore," Oscar said. "Now he just pretends to kick you."
"And the six to eight black men?"
"Them, too."
He considered this to be progressive, but in a way I think it's almost more perverse than the original punishment. "I'm going to hurt you, but not really." How many times have we fallen for that line? The fake slap invariably makes contact, adding the elements of shock and betrayal to what had previously been plain, old-fashioned fear. What kind of Santa spends his time pretending to kick people before stuffing them into a canvas sack? Then, of course, you've got the six to eight former slaves who could potentially go off at any moment. This, I think, is the greatest difference between us and the Dutch. While a certain segment of our population might be perfectly happy with the arrangement, if you told the average white American that six to eight nameless black men would be sneaking into his house in the middle of the night, he would barricade the doors and arm himself with whatever he could get his hands on.
"Six to eight, did you say?"
In the years before central heating, Dutch children would leave their shoes by the fireplace, the promise being that unless they planned to beat you, kick you, or stuff you into a sack, Saint Nicholas and the six to eight black men would fill your clogs with presents. Aside from the threats of violence and kidnapping, it's not much different from hanging your stockings from the mantel. Now that so few people have a working fireplace, Dutch children are instructed to leave their shoes beside the radiator, furnace, or space heater. Saint Nicholas and the six to eight black men arrive on horses, which jump from the yard onto the roof. At this point, I guess, they either jump back down and use the door, or they stay put and vaporize through the pipes and electrical wires. Oscar wasn't too clear about the particulars, but, really, who can blame him? We have the same problem with our Santa. He's supposed to use the chimney, but if you don't have one, he still manages to come through. It's best not to think about it too hard.
While eight flying reindeer are a hard pill to swallow, our Christmas story remains relatively simple. Santa lives with his wife in a remote polar village and spends one night a year traveling around the world. If you're bad, he leaves you coal. If you're good and live in America, he'll give you just about anything you want. We tell our children to be good and send them off to bed, where they lie awake, anticipating their great bounty. A Dutch parent has a decidedly hairier story to relate, telling his children, "Listen, you might want to pack a few of your things together before you go to bed. The former bishop from Turkey will be coming along with six to eight black men. They might put some candy in your shoes, they might stuff you in a sack and take you to Spain, or they might just pretend to kick you. We don't know for sure, but we want you to be prepared."
This is the reward for living in Holland. As a child you get to hear this story, and as an adult you get to turn around and repeat it. As an added bonus, the government has thrown in legalized drugs and prostitution--so what's not to love about being Dutch?
Oscar finished his story just as we arrived at the station. He was a polite and interesting guy--very good company--but when he offered to wait until my train arrived, I begged off, saying I had some calls to make. Sitting alone in the vast terminal, surrounded by other polite, seemingly interesting Dutch people, I couldn't help but feel second-rate. Yes, it was a small country, but it had six to eight black men and a really good bedtime story. Being a fairly competitive person, I felt jealous, then bitter, and was edging toward hostile when I remembered the blind hunter tramping off into the Michigan forest. He might bag a deer, or he might happily shoot his sighted companion in the stomach. He may find his way back to the car, or he may wander around for a week or two before stumbling through your front door. We don't know for sure, but in pinning that license to his chest, he inspires the sort of narrative that ultimately makes me proud to be an American.

Read more:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Glasses!

So Friday morning I woke up, put on my glasses, and found a big ol' scratch on the left lens.  I've always been careful with my glasses, but since we moved into our new place, I don't have a bedside table.  I've been putting my glasses on the cinder block under my bed (we use cinder blocks to raise the bed so we can put storage under it) and apparently, I put them glass-side down this time.  NOT GOOD.  I love my glasses, and when I next go to the eye doctor, I'll probably just pay to get new lenses in these frames.

Luckily I found out that was offering FREE GLASSES yesterday!  All I had to pay was shipping and handling, along with any additions (I got UV coating, anti-glare coating, and scratch resistant coating).  All in all it was just under thirty bucks.  Not bad!  Check them out.

Cute, right??  A new pair of Nine West glasses (with lenses) for thirty bucks!  Not bad, not bad at all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I was social this week and it was fabbbbulous!!  I hung out with Kate, a gal I work with at the hospital (well we don't work together but we both work at the hospital) on Saturday, and we went cross country skiing, which was VERY FUN.  I want cross country skis.  Also, I found out she knows my friend Heather as well as my brother... small world!!!

Today I had coffee with Brandi (at SilverPencils, check out her blog!) and had a really lovely time!  It was so nice to be able to hang out with friends (also nice to have friends).  It has been a good few days!!  I do miss Bryan though.  He left again on Sunday and he'll be back on Friday.  I miss my honey.

So yeah this is a really short update because I really need to work on Christmas presents. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Single Life

Bryan has been in Salt Lake since Sunday, and he'll be back tomorrow, and then gone again next week.  Here are some things I've learned about myself when he's gone.

  • I HATE being by myself for long periods of time.  As soon as I get to work I talk and talk and talk and talk.  I feel like I just can't shut up.  I guess I'm just too much of an extrovert.  This is why I should never live alone (woot for getting married young!)
  • I do not make a lot of food when I'm by myself.  I've had soup for pretty much every meal but breakfast since Bryan has been gone.  Chicken noodle, tortilla, cheddar potato, and veggie ravioli.  Lots of soup.
  • I pretty much watch mostly chick stuff when Bry's gone so he doesn't have to "suffer."  Which means that I cry a LOT.  Watched the Pocatello, Idaho episode of "Home Makeover" since I got to see the house in person, cried.  Watched the episode of "16 and Pregnant" where the young couple gives their baby up for adoption (what a wonderful couple... they come from such trash but they are so obviously in love and they know they can't give their baby the life they want her to have... heartbreaking) and cried.  Watched some episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" and cried.  Watched "A Very Glee Christmas" and cried (dude, Artie's present from Santa?!  SO SWEET).   I cry a lot at chick shows.  And now I'm watching Biggest Loser, so I will definitely cry.  I'm such a wimp.
  • I should NOT live by myself.  I don't mind having a night or two alone, but I just really like being around people.  
Yeah that's about all I could think up.  Sorry.

This week at work is WEIRD because our doctor had to get surgery on her wrist today, so she'll be out of the office until Wednesday.  So we're pretty much just doing side projects.

I love it.

Bryan comes home tomorrow and I won't have to live "The Single Life" until Sunday!

Also:  just started season one of "Mad Men" and I'm SO THANKFUL that I don't have to work as a receptionist is such stifling, chauvinistic environments!  Thank goodness for equality and political correctness!!!

But they do dress SUPER hot. The men and the women.  Both.  Hot.  The styling is AHmazing. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Christmas Music from Sleeping at Last

I've mentioned the band Sleeping at Last before.  They've been one of my favorite bands since I was 14 years old. 

Right now you can get their free 6 song Christmas collection for FREE on!  If you're feeling generous, you can tip them as well!

Go HERE to download for free.

Sleeping at Last is known for their soaring choruses and I think they have a bit of a Radiohead feel to them.  Noise Trade recommends them for fans of Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens and Nick Drake.  Try them out!

There's a lot of other really awesome music on this site that you can download for free.  All you have to do is give an email address, your postal code, and share on Facebook or Twitter (I think you can share by email as well).  Really good Christmas music for free!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

How do you like your Christmas?



Or something a bit more true to the Mid Eastern region?
  as soon at

Snow Bunny? Very Funny.

Tomorrow Bryan is going to attempt to teach me how to snowboard.

I'm sort of terrified.  I've never attempted it before, and the idea of being strapped into a board going fast downhill is VERY SCARY FOR ME.  VERY.

So if I die... You are all welcome to fight over who I loved the most.


But as Bryan and Stacey have reminded me, there's a fabulous lodge with hot cocoa.  And I have my Kindle.  So I should be good. 

Yes.  I am already biting my fingers.  Yikes.  Fingers crossed.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

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This offer ends on January 31 and your $25 gift certificate will expire on February 15.

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Trial Photo Card

Merry Blossoms Christmas Card
Get custom photo Christmas cards online at
View the entire collection of cards.


Apparently Hulu is down.

Which makes me NOT HAPPY because I was totally doing to indulge in one of my fave past times, watching Hulu will taking a bubble bath.

HEAVEN.  Let me tell you.  HEAVEN. 

I was hoping to catch an episode of Modern Family, but now I will have to watch something either on Netflix (which isn't bad, but I wanted to watch something new) or, which sort of sucks.  But I guess it's still free and better than not watching a show.  Or something.

I'm trying to work out more, BTW.  I've gone to the gym 3 times a week for the last two weeks and I've been trying to use the stair stepper at home.

How much weight have I lost, you ask?

NONE.  Which definitely makes me want to just up and quit, but I know that I'm being redonkulous.  But I just want to be a size six by wishing hard enough.  Is that so wrong??

Also, I made mini spice cupcakes with cream cheese yesterday.

I know, sabotage.

But I brought them to work and sent some with Bryan, so I figure that way everyone can get fat WITH me.  We'll just be a happy, slightly unhealthy, overweight family.  Like most of America.  I don't see the problem with that (except that I do). 

Tomorrow is a really slow day at work with is FABULOUS.  I'm in the middle of an easy but boring and tedious project, and I'm hoping to knock some of it out tomorrow.  I also plan on making magazine Christmas decorations for the office, like I did at the clinic in Cali last year.  I think they're cute, and they're free, and if I do them on company time (after I've finished my other work) than it's really HELPING rather than hurting, n'est-ce pas?

I'm still working on the friends thing.  Or friend, since one would be cool.  There's a girl who works at the hospital that's volunteered to go skiing/snowboarding with me, and she dropped by my office yesterday to say hi.  That's a positive thing!!  I do hope that we'll be friends, or that I've eventually make other friends.  It would just be nice to get a cup of hot cocoa/coffee sometime.  I really like the nurse I work with, she's just a bit older than me (5 years maybe) but she lives an hour away and has three kids, so the chances of us hanging out are slim.  Still, it's nice to have someone to talk to at work.

My anxiety has been better this week, thankfully.  I started to feel the familiar heart-fluttery feeling last week, and during our drive to Pocatello for Thanksgiving I freaked out a LOT because the roads were so bad.  This week has been a lot better.  I'm not sure if I'm just coping better, or if the exercise has already done me some good.  Usually a regular exercise regime helps my anxiety, so I'm hoping it does this time as well.

Okay.  I just checked Hulu again, and it's back up.  Maybe my internet just went wonky.  Either way, I think it's time for a delicious bath.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A blurry drive-by shot of town square

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Hate Looking for a Church

Bryan and I went to a new church tonight to try it out.  Everyone was super friendly; it was a small church (about 40-50 people) so we were the only new people.  We talked to quite a few people and after they had church, they had dinner, which is something that happens after every service (they meet at 5pm).  I left having a pretty good feeling about the whole thing, even though the sermon was 50 minutes long (and that's normal) and taught in a fairly basic, expositional form. And I spoke to the pastor about women in leadership and he informed me that the Bible speaks against women speaking in front of men in church.

I said as nicely as I could that I disagreed, and I thought that maybe that was something we could just agree to disagree about, but now I'm not so sure.

He asked about the church Bryan and I went to in Cali, Catalyst, and after talking a bit he asked if it was an Emergent church.  We said "sort of," because that's the truth, it was sort of, but not totally, emergent.  He nodded and gave me about 10 names of the people 'they like.'  I only recognized two names, John MacArthur and John Piper.  I knew that John Piper was in the Reformed tradition, but didn't have much of a background on that.  So, I went home and looked up a few things.

Apparently John Piper and John MacArthur believe that women should be submissive to their husbands, which I don't agree with; I think both should submit to one another.  One gal mentioned that they believed that men and women are equal in God's eyes, but that they had different roles.  And it seemed like they really didn't see any other way around that, it was black and white.  I thought, "Well.  I can overlook that, I think."

Then I found out that John Piper and John MacArthur were Calvinist, which I'm not really into, same with Bryan.  I believe the Atonement was for every single person, and that every single person has the chance to know God in this lifetime (and I believe in chances in the next too, but let's not get into that right now).

Then I looked up the counseling practice they have at this church, called Nouthetic Counseling, which apparently uses the Bible as the as the main tool for counseling, and says that psychology is contrary to the Bible.  I just don't agree with that.  I do think the Bible could be useful in counseling, but I know that seeing a therapist helped me with my anxiety, and using EMDR was really helpful as well.

So I'm not quite sure.  Bryan seemed to think that the pastor was sort of coming from an authoritarian standpoint, where what he teaches from the pulpit is sort of what the church believes.  When we went to Catalyst, what was taught was what the pastor believed to be true, and most of the leadership would agree wholeheartedly.  However, the pastor would often ask us to think the message through, test it, see if it was really true.  You were welcome to question and to doubt, and to make the belief your own.  This church seemed a bit more like what the pastor said was seen as truth, and Bryan wasn't so sure that it was okay that we disagreed with things like woman speaking in church, etc.

So.  It definitely seemed like the best of the churches that we've seen, but we're still not sure at all.  I just wish we could find a church that just FIT.  Maybe that won't happen.  I'm not sure where to go from here.  There's another church we wanted to check out, but I'm wary of a few things I've heard/read.  Either way I'm getting tired of looking.  I just want to find something that feels like home, somewhere where I don't feel like I have to fall in line in order to fit in.  I just don't know.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Fail

So the ad for the Sports Authority in Pocatello had their store opening at 5am and giving out free gift cards valued between $10-500.  So I woke up at 4:15am and walked over to Sports Authority.  No one was there.  I looked at the hours and apparently they open at 7am.  Lame.

So I got up at 6:20am and walked over again.  No one was there, no line, nothing.  Bryan went online and said he didn't see the local store having any huge sales.  So we waited and went again after they opened.  No big deals, no gift cards, nothing.  SUPER lame.  What a huge disappointment.  Even the things that were on sale in Pocatello (fleeces for $10) were pricier in Jackson.  Huge letdown.

We did end up walking to Staples and got the wireless mouse and keyboard that Bryan's been wanting for about two years.  We also picked up a new printer since ours doesn't really work half the time.  They were things we were going to buy anyways, and we got alright deals on them.  Not worth getting up that early though, I'll tell you that!!

The icing on the cake?  I gouth a Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Raspberry bar and the chocolate had gone bad.  Seriously.  Seriously?  Seriously.

So I'm spending the rest of the day in pajamas doing laundry and tidying up the house.  I think tonight or tomorrow Bryan and I will put up the Christmas tree.  And that's about all I plan on doing.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday and the Diamond Dazzler Stik

Bryan and I are doing Black Friday tomorrow.  It's the second time I've done this in my life; the first time I was about 13 years old and I went with my dad to Best Buy so I could get a free cd.

Yeah, that was enough to get me up that early.  Ahhh, simpler times.

We're going to walk over to Sports Authority and try to be one of the first 85 people so we can get a free $10-500 card.  I want another fleece jacket and I'd like to look at winter boots.  Bryan wants to check out their snowboard bindings and boots.  Plus, it's a weird kooky thing that sounds kind of fun: getting up at the crack of dawn and just being sort of stupid.  We also plan on hitting up Staples because we need a new printer.  We'll see if we end up getting one. 

Also:  I got a sample of the Diamond Dazzle Stik in the mail.  It's this stick that cleans your diamonds/gems.  It looks like this:

You pull off the red end, run it under some water, then twist the silver end until this blue cleaner comes out.  You brush the cleaner onto your stone (I tried it with my rings on and then with my rings off - both seem to work fine), then rinse it off and dry it.  Tada!  That's it.  It's pretty excellent.  The cleaner does a good job getting all around the stone, and it has a polymer that fills in any cuts or scrapes in the stone so that it really shines.  I don't have a fancy shmancy diamond ring like the one above, but my engagement ring and wedding band are really special to me, and it's awesome seeing them so sparkly and clean!

My rings

Like I said, I got my Diamond Dazzle Stik for free, but you can now buy them at Walmart, Kmart, and some jewelry stores.  I don't usually blog about samples I've gotten (because I get a LOT), but this sample really won me over.  I totally recommend it. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Driving the pass in winter is not my favorite thing, but it is pretty

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Life in Jackson in November

Just this last month, the stress of moving to a new apartment, starting a new job, and not having a church or group of friends here started to really hit me.  I wish that I could say that stress doesn't really bother me, but the opposite is true.  I'm quite easily stressed, and it's started showing.

Just the other day I was calling a customer service line for a magazine.  They put me on hold for almost 20 minute and then pretty much didn't help me at all, just gave me another number.  I called the other number and the guy said he couldn't help me, and that I'd have to call a third number, but only on certain days at certain times.  This is after I tried rectifying this problem online for a good month.  I was so frustrated and furious that I lashed out and pretty much had a huge hissy fit.  It was not pretty.

Later on Bryan mentioned that he would be gone to Utah in December for two weeks, but that he decided to come home in between those weeks to see me, because he knew that I wouldn't do too well with him away and me by myself in a town where I didn't have friends.  I started to cry, because he's absolutely right.  I am thankful that he realized that and was sensitive to it and thoughtful, but I do wish that he didn't have to worry about me.  He told me "yeah that's sort of part of marriage... I get to worry."  Later that night when we went to bed I got upset about something or other, and then complained about my weight, and then something else... and Bryan hugged me and told me, in as nice a way as he could, that the way I was acting was reminding him of our first year in California.

It was not a great year.

I got more upset, because I had been thinking the same thing.  I'm stressed and lonely and I gained weight and I'm unhappy more than I should be.  On the whole, I'm doing well, but I do have low points that are not pleasant.  And it was starting to feel like our first year in California to me as well, and that scared me.  Bryan was really awesome and comforting.  I did point out that I was experiencing anxiety or panic attacks like I had in California, and I was very glad for that.  But when I went to bed yesterday, I started to feel the familiar heart pounding and shaky feeling I get when I have a panic attack.  I was able to calm down (although I thought I was already calm, but apparently, not) and relax and sleep, and it went away.  But I am all the more aware that it is just beneath the surface, and if I'm not careful, it could overwhelm me.

I wish that I didn't have these sorts of problems.  I used to think that I was broken, in a way, because of my anxiety.  Since I only experience it once or twice a year now, I like to think of myself as "fixed," but I'm not, because anxiety is just a part of me.  Some people have bad hearts or bad teeth or bad knees.  I have a bad stress response, I guess.  Thankfully I have learned how to better control it and keep it at bay, but I'm realizing (again) that it's just a part of my personality.

What a bummer.

Yesterday was good, though.  I did fine at work, and I was looking forward to only a half day of work left for this week (tomorrow is my half day).  I am just doing things around the house tonight, which isn't bad.  And last night when I was getting off of work Bryan called me and let me know that we'd be invited over to a coworker's home to watch the Denver Broncos.  I don't care at ALL about sports, and I don't understand football, and I wouldn't know anyone there, but I said yes.  I knew that we needed a bit of socialization.  And it was fun!  We hung out with Bryan's coworker and his family, as well as 5 other people.  And we had a good time.  We found out that they are all Christians, which is sort of cool since we share the same faith.  They told us the churches they go to, and we're going to try out two of them in the next two weeks.  They said the churches are charismatic, which is usually a big red flag to me, but then they said that they don't speak in tongues, which is sort of the big thing about charismatic churches that really freaks me out.  So I'm not sure exactly what it is that makes them charismatic.  Maybe they believe in healing or revelation?  I'm not sure.  But they all seemed to really like the churches they went to, and they seemed like cool people.  A bit more conservative than we are, but then again, it is the West, and not all Christians are like those that we found at Catalyst in California.  So I think we'll try it out.  One church has a 10:45 service and is in Jackson, and the other meets on Monday nights, I think, at the old schoolhouse in Wilson.  So we'll see.  At least we know there are a fair amount of people our age, which is cool.

So I'm trying to persevere.  I really hope that we find a church that we feel comfortable in, because I'm already sick of searching, and we've only been to two.  That's pathetic, I know.  I miss a lot of what we had at Catalyst, and I miss having girlfriends I can talk to about anything.  I know that we'll be able to find one or both of those things if we keep looking.  I'm trying to remind myself of those things, and to look for the good in things.  It's going to be a long, cold, lonely winter if I don't, and I don't want that.  I know things will get better and this will really start feeling like our home. 

So that's how I'm doing, really.  Better than the normal response of "good," eh?  I will try to blog more but because I sort of going through this transition and stressful time, I may only be blogging twice a week or so.  I will try to keep updating pictures, even if they are just from my cell phone.  Thank you all for sticking with me as I go through this adjustment. 

It is a cold blustery day. We're in a winter storm warning until tomorrow. Good thing I have Tuesdays off and am inside waiting for the internet guy to come hook up our internet. Poor Bryan is walking home for lunch in this - good thing it's just five blocks. Can you see the snow blowing along the ground??

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Harry Potter was AWESOME.  Bryan and I walked to the theatre (in my new fancy long down coat) and caught the noon showing.  It was a lot of fun.  Very dark.  Since it's the first part of the last book, a good amount happens.  It's a two hour movie but it still goes very fast.  I really enjoy seeing Harry, Hermione and Ron as young adults.  I think they did a good job in this movie for sure.  Hermione (Emma Watson)  was especially excellent. 

Bryan and I killed zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops.  It was pretty fun, but I really really suck.  And playing video games hurts my eyes because I just don't blink enough.  He really likes it, so I thought it would be worth trying.

So far I've bought a fair amount of Christmas presents, and I got really good deals on them.  David and Stacey are almost totally done, Ella is done, Mom and Dad Lords are done.  I just have my folks, Nicole and Stuart, and possible another small thing for Dave and Stac and I'm done!!  Woohoo!!  I'm VERY excited about the toy I got for Ella.  I think she'll like it, and it's supposed to be amazing at soothing babies, which is very cool.  I've done all of my shopping online so far, which is awesome.  With the discounts I've found, free shipping codes, etc., I'm doing great at saving money.  So far I've spent less than 20 bucks so far on 4 presents!!  I've been writing reviews on Viewpoints, and that's really helped with the money situation; right now if you write ten reviews, you get a $10 Amazon gift card.  I had some free money on, which was awesome as well.  I'm hoping that we wend up spending less than $100 total this Christmas, but we'll see.  I have my eye on lots of deal sites, and I'm trying to keep on top of limited time offers.  I love getting 80% off deals!!

One thing Bryan mentioned about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One:  it's definitely not a kid's movie.  I think children over the age of ten would do okay, but I think it's just too scary for kids younger than that.  I am definitely a bit fan, though, and I highly recommend it!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010





Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Memory Screening Day

We did free memory screenings at work today as a part of the National Memory Screening Day.  We were expecting to have about 80-90 patients, since that's how many we had last year.

We were wrong.

We had 21.

So it was a sloooooow day.  Super slow.  And I was really not into working on a Tuesday, let me tell you!!  It was a very blustery, snowy day, so there were WORSE places that I could be.  Sitting in a nice warm office and getting paid isn't all that bad.

I think memory screenings are so interesting.  It's just a set of 9 simple questions that will give an idea of whether or not someone is having troubles with their memory.  Some things we may take for granted, like being able to draw the face of a clock, are no longer possible for those with memory problems.  Very interesting, very sad.

I ended a sort of blah day with a three hour phone call with my sister Amanda, and that pretty much made everything awesome.  She's the best, and I LOVE hearing stories about my niece and nephew.  GK is at this hilarious age where he's noticing things and asking questions, and sometimes he says stuff that would just make you go "SHHHH HONEY IT'S QUIET TIME!!!"  He's so so funny.  I love that kid.  I love that whole family!!  Great way to end the day.

A blustery, cloudy day in Jackson

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Bryan and I tried a new church today, Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole.

Not sure that it's the church for us.

I'm really starting to wonder if we'll find anything that feels like home.  I know that it's a lot, asking for that "this is it!" feeling that we got at Catalyst.  And I know that if I had my wish, we'd find a church exactly like Catalyst here.  And I know that just isn't here.

But we're trying. 

Today I also weather stripped the windows in an effort to conserve heat.  Hopefully that will work.  I definitely feel like this was a short weekend, which it was, technically, since I worked on Saturday.  Hopefully I'll get a little more stuff done tonight and then take the rest of the night to just relax and recuperate for the long week ahead.  Tuesday is going to be CRAZY at work since we're doing free, walk-in Mini-Mental State Examinations.  Last year we had sixty patients, and we expect about that much this year as well.  It's going to be intense.

The snow was coming down earlier today but none of it was sticking.  I really want to put up pictures of our new place, but it's still a mess and we're still slowly unpacking.  It's been a pain, but it is what it is, right?

The view from our bedroom window, taken with my camera phone
The view about ten feet from our apartment, walking from the car towards the apartment
At least we live right next to the pretty creek.  That's really nice.  And when the lamp post (you can see the shadow in the picture directly above) is shining on a dark snowy night, it reminds me of Narnia.

I don't care how dorky that sounded, I really love it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Better Live Where It Snows From Now On...

Because I just bought another winter coat.

I know!!!  I know.  I already have two.  I have a down coat and a snowboarding coat.

But you know what I DON'T have?!

A really long coat that covers my butt and looks super cute.

And don't I NEED (okay, WANT) one of those??

Long down coats are super popular in Jackson, and my friend Kathy always had cute ones that I loved.  I have thought of getting one when Bryan mentioned the other day how all the gals he works with at the bank have them, and how they're cute and flattering.

Ruhhhhhh roohhhhhh.

I told him I'd probably end up getting one at the end of the season.  Seemed like a good idea.  But then my poor bum would be cold this winter... And Lands End is having a great sale and I had a 30% off code.  And the other day Bryan came up to me and said, "I'm working extra hours this week... can I buy the new Call of Duty game???  My extra hours will cover it...." and I said yes.

So today I was asked to work this Saturday at our Brain Game day (a day committed to help bring awareness to Alzheimers/Dementia that my office is running).  And I'm working this Tuesday (normally my day off) to help out with our free memory screening day.

So right off the bat, that's an extra $200 before taxes.

So Bryan asked, "Are you going to get your fancy coat??"

Duh, obvs.

So I ordered this coat:
I didn't want to go black because that's what everyone has, so I thought brown was just a tiny bit different.  There was another long down coat that was cute and was in aubergine (which is pretty much my favorite color) but it had fur on the collar.  I thought about it but Bryan said, "I really don't think you'll like the fur all that much" and I think he's right.  All in all the coat was under $90 with free shipping. 

And I suppose I sort of earned it because I worked extra days.  Right??  Huh?  Please?  Well whatever it's too late I already bought it.  And I'm justifying it by saying that I'm going to try to walk to work more (it's only a mile away) and that this coat will keep me warm enough to walk more.  Yes, that's my excuse.  Shut up, it is TOO valid.

Yes I have three winter coats.

What up??

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Place, I Can't Find Anything, Make Me Smile.

Our new place is slowly become more and more organized.  It's still a mess and we have no idea where most things are, but it's ours and it has our stuff in it.  And I put up my elephant picture, which is awesome.  We definitely need a slipcover for our couch, though.  But we're cheap and we have to save up a little cash for that.  And we can't decide if we want color so that it pops, or if we want a black or dark grey so that the elephant painting is the eye-catching thing in the room.  As soon as we're a bit more settled, I'll take pictures.

Since I have Tuesdays off, today was all about working on the house and grocery shopping.  I walked to Wells Fargo to meet Bryan for lunch, and I got to see where he works (yeah, hadn't visited him yet).  He has a really awesome huge desk and he sits right below a mounted buffalo head.  We walked over to Shades Cafe for lunch, which was really lovely.  I had a chicken carcass in the crock pot for about 10 hours today so I could make chicken noodle soup.  Apparently there wasn't enough chicken on the carcass... I tried it AFTER adding the noodles and veggies.  It tastes like nothing at all.  Which is sort of gross.  Guess I'll have to compromise and buy some chicken stock.  LAME.  I also organized some of our dry goods (pasta, beans, etc) into quart-sized mason jars and they are now living on the top of the cabinets (who makes cabinets that don't reach to the ceiling??  So much space just wasted).

So that was my exciting day.  Tomorrow is the first day at my job that I'm pretty much on my own.  I'll still have people around who can answer my questions and help me out, but I won't have a trainer with me tomorrow.  I think it will go pretty well.

Yesterday my car was dead when I went out to leave for work.  I thought it was the battery, which didn't make sense, since I didn't leave any lights on and I just replaced it earlier this year.  Bryan drove me to work and I walked home (yes, in the cold, uphill both ways... okay, actually just in the cold.  33 degrees, and I wasn't planning on walking, so I just had a light vest instead of a jacket.  Smart.)  Luckily I only live a mile away from work.  I'm going to try to embrace winter and walk to work at least once a week, at least while it's above freezing. Good exercise and all of that.

I had a dream last night that Bryan and I had a baby girl.  It was weird.  It seemed real, too, when I woke up, so I kept thinking that I had a baby and then realizing, nope, no kids for us just yet.  Surreal.

Want to know an instant cure for a blah day?  Google pictures of teacup pigs.



Any other HIMYM fans??  Love it when Barney uses a teacup pig to woo the ladies.  ;-)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pearl Street Bagels puts their leftover bagels outside free for the taking at the end of the night. I'm so happy!! Here's dinner!

Because in Kmart's eyes, only Latinos use crock pots. Dios mio.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Breathe

This week has been ROUGH.  I started my new job, we moved, Bryan was gone for three days... It was tough at times, especially since I have to clean the old apartment by myself and move some stuff.  I worked all day then cleaned each night until about 11pm.  Not fun.

Tonight we're finishing the cleaning.  Last night after Bryan got home from his business trip to Salt Lake, he asked, "Do you think other people clean this well when they move, or are we just good people?  Do other people just not care about their deposits?  Because I feel like it always takes us days to clean an apartment when we move, and for other people, it's just one long day."

I don't know the answer to that.  Maybe other people just clean faster??  I do know that wiping down every wall, magic erasing every scuff, cleaning all the blinds, the baseboards, the heaters, the light fixtures, the oven, the stove, the cabinets, behind the refrigerator, behind the oven, vacuuming... it takes FOREVER, even when we live in a tiny little studio.  

I hate it.

So this is how I end this very long week.  Still cleaning.  And tomorrow we'll move the furniture we don't need from the apartment we moved into (it was furnished but the furnishings were gross) into a trailer which we'll take to Idaho, and then drive back.  I am hoping the afternoon will be a bit relaxing.  Apparently the Christmas tree that will be on the lawn at the U.S. Capital Building will be from here, so there doing a thing on the square in honor of that honor.

Does that make sense?

Either way, a high school student told me that the high school's culinary class will be making fresh, homemade spiced applesauce that will be piping hot and served on top of vanilla bean ice cream.

And that sounds pretty fabulous.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Complainy Post

Moving SUCKS.  Sorry I'm still a bad blogger, but Bryan is in Salt Lake for work and I'm finishing the move and all the cleaning by myself.  It's so annoying.  So, so annoying.  I thought I'd finish everything tonight, but I'm so lethargic and not wanting to do anything at all.  I'm not used to it getting dark so early, and I keep finding myself ready to hit the hay around 7:30 each night, which is RIDICULOUS.  I think I'll work on the old apartment a little bit more tonight, maybe finish the kitchen, and then save the rest for tomorrow night.  I really think there's only 5 or so more hours of work left, but I have little to no energy to do this right now.  I keep thinking of my nice warm bed back at the new apartment.... down comforter, soft pillow... delish!!! 

I started work on Monday, and it seems to be a really great place.  I don't think it will be all that difficult either, which is really nice.  I already had one patient who was suffering from dementia and seemed to think we were friends; I'll have to get used to that.  It's very sad, but it's also something I'll be seeing a lot, as our concentration is cognitive health (which includes dementia and Alzheimers patients). 

I love having Tuesdays off.  It makes going to work on Monday seem a lot easier when you know you have the next day off.  And I go back to work tomorrow, but it's only for three days until I have the weekend!  Not so bad.  Plus, having today off really helped as far as the cleaning of the apartment process.

I got our mail today from the post office.  We got a good amount of things in the two weeks we were gone!!  I lot loads of samples, which is excellent, including a pair of sport socks that look pretty pricey (woohoo!), a full bottle of gummy heart-healthy vitamins, a breakfast bar and temporary tattoos (including an owl!!!).  So excited, LOVE free stuff.

Bryan is enjoying his time in Salt Lake.  He's staying at a fancy hotel that he says is very, very cool.  Apparently it's a part of the Marriot hotel group but it's more of a stylish sort of place.  He says the decor is very modern and European, and he has a nice sitting area and a kitchenette.  He's hoping to catch up with a friend or two tomorrow (he lived south of Salt Lake for two years in college), which would be nice.  Tonight he was an absolute rock star and went to Ikea to pick up some things for our new home.  THANKS BABE!!  (Not that he reads this).  He got us a cute end table, a bookshelf and some lamps.  He's the keenest, just the cat's pajamas, dontcha know.

Okay.  Back to cleaning.  Thank you thank you thank you SO MUCH for putting up with my awful blogging habits these past three weeks.  Those who still read this, I seriously appreciate you sticking with me.  You're amazing.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


When Bryan and I moved into this studio April 30th, we thought we'd live here for quite a while, since it's such a pain in the butt to move.

But now it's October 31st and we're moving again.  Across town.  To a two bedroom apartment.  We just aren't studio people.  No place to put our stuff, and there's no privacy when you have friends over and need to take a loud poo, and it's really not the most comfortable apartment to have people stay over.

So.  Onto bigger and better.  Our new place is right next to Flat Creek, so we'll hear the water from our bedroom window, which is nice.  The moving is going to suck though.  Yesterday we traveled for 14+ hours - drive to the airport, get on a plane, get off plane, get on another plane, bus to our car, then drive 5.5 hours back to Jackson in the dark (and of course it rained).  I tried to stay awake to keep a look out for deer (there were a ton right off the road) and I was tired that I sort of started hallucinating... I'd close my eyes and immediately start to dream, then open them and not know what was happening.  Very weird.

So today is moving day.  We're still trying to figure out how to move the bed and the couch...  we'll see.  It's just the two of us and we don't have a truck, but we're hoping to borrow one.  And Bryan leaves for Salt Lake tomorrow so it's just me for the next few days (he's back on Thursday).  So I get to clean/organize both apartments while he's gone.

Oh, and I start my new job tomorrow.

Trying to put on a happy face and DEFINITELY putting on some happy music...


Thursday, October 28, 2010

I know....

I know.  I've been terrible at blogging on vacation.  I haven't been able to get a great connection on the internet; it goes in and out a whole lot, and it's a bit of a pain.  But I am here.  I thought I'd have a lot of awesome pictures from vacation, but apparently I lost my camera cord as well as my cell phone cord and my Kindle cord.

I am awesome.

I PROMISE to blog more soon.  Promise.  Cross my heart and all of that.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Falls, Montana

The Great Falls that Great Falls, Montana, is named after.
Hello lovelies.  Light posting this week as I'm leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow night.  I'm so excited!!  I can't wait to see my family and friends.  I got some great deals on clothes at Old Navy this week (including a pair of $4 pants!!) and I picked up some super cute skirts for me and my sister Stacey today.  I'm thinking bathing suit cover because I don't think I packed any matching tops... did I mention the skirts were $0.58?  Yes, you read that right, 58 CENTS.  Ah-mazing.  Love that store.

I will do my best to post while on vacay, but you know me.  I roll lazy-style.  We'll see.

Love Love Love Love Love.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Cylon Raider putting clubs, available at sporting good stores near you!

I'm so awesome.

So I'm in Great Falls, Montana.  There are bigger stores here, which is sort of fun.  Bryan and I went to Old Navy yesterday and I got a long sleeve tee for $3 and a pair of cargo pants for $4.50.  Pretty BA if I do say so myself.  We also went to Target, where I purchased the above mascara, as my grandmother suggested it to me.  I saw it, threw it in the cart, and checked out.  When I got home I realized it was brown instead of black.  I am awesome.  Because I am so awesome (and cheap) I'm going to use it even though it's not the color I wanted.  Because I already had a difficult time paying $8 for a mascara.  That's a tee and a pair of cargos from Old Navy, doncha know.

Last night we went out to dinner at the Macaroni Grill.  I didn't realize that we'd be eating out every night; I figured the hotel room would have a microwave or a fridge, but it's not a suite style.  So we eat out for lunch and dinner, which I'm just not all that used to.  Macaroni Grill was AMAZING last night.  It was such a treat to go on a nice date, especially since we'd been out to a nice restaurant earlier this month.  I feel so fancy!!  Bryan even said I could get a glass of wine, but I wasn't feeling it.  But how fancy that he offered.  And how fancy that we got an appetizer.

Seriously, these things really are fancy to me.  I'm pretty easy to please.

Today Bry is at training most of the day, so I get to hang around the hotel.  So far I woke up at 9:30, went downstairs to get breakfast, and watched some tv and talked to my mom.  Pretty soon I'm going to walk across the street to Michael's and pick up some knitting needles; my friend Kim is going to teach my mom and my sister Stacey and I how to knit next week!!  I'm so excited.  I love crocheting, and while knitting looks a bit harder, I think it will be fun to learn a new needlecraft.  Like I've said before, I'm in love with grandmotherly pursuits.  I also plan on hitting up the fitness center again today.  Yesterday I ran a mile and a half, did an hour on the stationary bike, and did a half hour on the elliptical.  Eating out is NOT that healthy, so I'm trying to make up for it.

I've mentioned before how unbelievably cheap I am; want some more proof?  The hotel we're staying at has complimentary breakfast, and I made sure to get enough to last me for breakfast AND lunch.

Yes, I am that cheap.

The "eggs" and "sausage" were gross and not real food, so I didn't eat those.  I ate the waffle with peanut butter and honey for breakfast (there was "syrup" but it was mostly high fructose corn syrup and corn solids) along with the cup of coffee.  I'll have the bagel and/or oatmeal for lunch.  Mmmm carbohydrates... are you why I'm so lethargic today?  You are fairly tasty, so I will forgive you.

Since I saved money on lunch I'm pretty sure that it's okay for me to buy another shirt for less than $5.  Or at least this is what I will tell myself.  Bryan gets reimbursed for his meals, but wasn't told exactly HOW much... he doesn't get a regular per diem or anything like that, so we've just been eating on a conservative budget for lunches and then getting a pretty nice dinner.  Last night's meal at Macaroni Grill was about $11 per plate, which is still about $5 less than most dinners in Jackson, so that was pretty decent.  Tonight I think we're going out for pizza or Chili's, I'm not sure which.  (I feel God in this Chili's...)  I'm so glad I got to come along with Bryan on this workcation.  He works, I vacation.  It's been a blast hanging out with him (even the 6 hour car ride went by really fast and was a lot of fun) and I love the fact that we can go out to eat with one another.  We usually only go out to restaurants or get take-out every other week or so (and keep it cheap), so this has been a real treat.  And in 4 days I see my family (minus David, wish he could come to Myrtle too!!).  I'm so excited.  I've told Bryan several times these past few weeks that I feel really blessed and happy with our life.  I know now that moving to Jackson was the right thing to do.  Even though I do not have friends yet, I feel really settled and happy.  I love my town, I'm excited about my job, and I feel like Bryan and I are where we are supposed to be.  It's a lovely feeling, this contentment. 

Last night we talked about life since leaving Humboldt, and what we miss.  We miss the people the most, for sure.  We had awesome friends in HumCo, and I hope we make good friends here.  Last night we texted the Muhlenkamps and told them how much we missed them.  They're the couple we lived with the last month we were in HumCo, and we co-led a Life Group with them.  They are so awesome and fun and we had a blast getting to know each other.  I told them that they should move to Jackson when their contract is up (they're nurses at a hospital in Eureka) and that we should all rent a house together.  Keith and Bryan get along really well and I was getting to know Bethany, which was really fun, as she's awesome.  AND they have the best dog in the world, Hagan, and they got a new puppy (a Great Dane/Mastiff mix) named Morgan since we left.  Bryan and I both agreed that it would be really fun to live with them again, especially if we had a three bedroom house.  Plus, then we wouldn't have to get our own dog necessarily, we'd just 'adopt' theirs.  Bethany texted me back and said that would be a pretty awesome idea.  It will probably never happen, but it's fun to think about.

Alright.  I'm going to seriously get out of bed now and actually do something.  I hope whoever is reading this is having a really awesome day, and enjoying the Fall weather (whatever that may mean in your area).  Lots of love to you.